How do you get your mind to relax & concentrate on a particularly difficult, stressful or a very distracting day to get your deep work done? Also, how do you motivate yourself when you’re not feeling well to do the deep work anyway?

Katrine P.
If I have had a stressful day and can’t wrap my head around anything I’ll forget about any work I have to do and take care of myself. Work and school are so important but loving and taking time for yourself is more important. If I’m feeling stressed and can’t focus I’ll pamper myself and give myself all my needs. I will wake up early the next morning to my work as in the morning I am most productive. If I’m just not in the mood I’ll take a break do something I love to do and then go do my work
Jacob C.
I go for a run or meditate first. That helps me get rid of the adrenaline in my body so I can be calm to concentrate. Of it is part of my purpose it is easy to do
Ava E.
I awaken very early most days and that gives me time to kinda relax and get my self together and my mind honed in on what I plan to do during the day. Then I contracted on doing my early morning routines which gets me going for the day which also gets me on a roll for my day’s activities. If distractions arise I usually wait them out and get back to my scheduled activities as soon as I can.
Ulrico S.
I have recently started morning pages- this helps get all the random thoughts, to-dos, and anything else out of my brain and on to paper. Then I can focus on the tasks at hand.

I heard Mel Robbins talk on just focusing on getting one task done that day. When I tell myself it’s just that one task and can typically focus and get done. When I do I think that wasn’t so bad and get the same mindset for the next thing at hand.