What kinds of things do you consider to be deep work?

Antonio Simmons
I personally would say things like, working on homework or a Google doc would be deep work. Anything that allows you to sit down and focus really. I personally organize my Google drive and work on some assignment and anything I have to write

Jonathan Hansen
I consider deep work to be fulfilling, but excellent and I consider deep work to do for you what it could do for others, and deep work is something that others can get from you that will last forever

Sophia Hill
Where do I start! For me, at work, it could be time doing emails or paperwork; or my morning set-up tasks; or my re-stocking of supplies. I try for it to be a solid block uninterrupted, but the nature of my job means I am subject to interruptions quite frequently. I do my best! I also use the ‘deep work’ (or pomodoro) for things I have been putting off—it’s amazing what you can get done in 25 minutes, and an unwelcome task can be managed if not completed in such focused blocks.