Do you think it’s important to perform each step of a ritual in the order and within the time limits you have laid out for it?

Filippa G.
Depends on the situation as i use the routines not just as a way to structure my day but also like a to do list of thing i want to do and in what order. So I may start my morning routine at home and finish it on the bus or over a coffee. The important this is that I will complete my morning routine before starting my afternoon routine or any other rotine I have set.

Noam F.
I think it is important to follow the steps in the order you’ve established and within the timeframe because that’s how you build a habit. It should become somewhat automatic. If there’s a step you find yourself constantly skipping and coming back to later or not at all, maybe you need to move or remove it.

Maria J.
Yes, the more you perform the routine the more we develop our responsibility. We can see the results as time goes by, by performing all the task accordingly.

Lewis G.
I think as long as you fulfil your tasks it’s not important which order you make them. But some found it more helpful to run things in a particular order and manner. It does actually help to stay on track! ideally you want to turn your habits into routines- when you do things automatically. For some people it’s important to stay rigid for a while as it definitely helps to nail it.