How do you prevent distractions where you’re working?

El Na Y.
I was unable to prevent distractions initially. After undertaking 2-3 times of deep work I was able to first build my focus. When I got my focus, I could make out what things are pestering me 😅 So now when I sit down for working I know before sitting, that there's a list of things which I need to avoid and hence I prepare myself to avoid these things before I start working.
Chiara Q.
I put my phone in do not disturb mode. A lot of my work is social media driven. I find a lot of my clients communicate primarily through social media so that's always a struggle, but in my experience if I use my laptop instead of my phone it's easier to stay on task while communicating with them despite it being in the distraction minefield of social media.
Coline T.
A nice clean uncluttered workspace, phone off and if you work near someone else tell them you need to be undisturbed for certain amount of time.