Does anyone else do their routine in different orders sometimes, or is the routine strictly to be done in the same way every day always?

Josefine Z.
I always have a little variation every day; it's still a routine, but if you do the same thing every day, it'll start to become a little boring, so switch some things around now and then!
Anita X.
I often do several things in bulk and then check them off together. It's just a tool, you have to be allowed some flexibility, otherwise this becomes a distraction too.
Tevia F.
I don't follow the routine in the same way everyday, I do the things that I need to do, but the way or order that I do it every morning looks different. And having that grace that it doesn't look the same every morning is good and helpful. Some days are get up right away days, and other days are lay in bed a little bit longer days, and I think that is okay and I still get up and do the things that I need to do.
Snigdha C.
It depends on your other schedules. I prioritze my time based on four important works 1.urgent and important 2.urgent but not important 3.important but not urgent 4.not urgent not important. But I better log my time in the morning if I think something is different that I need to do today.
Em Lia C.
Hi there! When I first started this journey, I felt that it was better to follow the routine strictly as I tend to lack discipline or motivation at times. Knowing myself, I’ll end up not doing the tasks that I’m suppose to do in the routine. The first month or so, I followed it throughout and when I got the habit of it, I began to rearrange the order of my routine to best suit my lifestyle of being a part time student and working full time. However, with this being set, I’ll usually ensure that the tasks have to be fulfilled otherwise I’ll start to feel as though something is wrong and out of place.
Mickey N.
I don’t follow the routine strictly sometimes, but I try it. I think the most important thing it’s to do your key habits even if they were not done in order. However, I also think that doing your routine strictly will help you settle your habits in a better way.
Adriana U.
I’m the worst when it comes to routines, so when I got into one, I found that doing it in the exact same order helped me stick to it. Think about what steps you take to brush your teeth. Do you ever think out every step or just do it. That’s a routine!