How much time do they spend deep in work?

Mary O.
The most I've done is 45 minutes. I get too distracted still when I try for longer. 25 minutes is next right now because it forces me to pick discrete tasks rather than a big, nebulous one.

Karolina E.
I have been struggling to focus on my work lately, but I have found that splitting my focused work time into 60 mins, 40 mins, and 30 mins with a 5-10 min break in between each helps me sustain working for two hours.

Deborah I.
I'm a full time student so I try to study at least 4-5 hours a day. Usually I use the pomodoro technique to keep me focused and motivated. If I have to read, study or write a summary I set my pomodoro's length at 50 minutes. This gives me enough time to read through some material and understand it. When I have to do practice questions I use the 25-minute pomodoro since they're faster to solve than "read and study chapter one".

Anna G.
I like to spend at least thirty minutes in deep work. For me that is with background noise but not something so interesting that I can't focus anymore. The rest of the time of upto 3 hours I like noises, getting up moving and doing different parts of the project.

Roger Z.
about an hour or so, i get distracted really easily so sometimes i never do get a chance to study. I also suffer from depression and anxiety which really makes me overthink things that sometimes can be about my grades and studies. That’s why i downloaded this app. I figured it may motivate me from time to time 🙂

Isa As A.
stau si lucrez foarte mult. de dimineata pana seara, uneori cate 13 ore pe zi, stiu ca nu e bine, dar am foarte multe de facut si trebuie facute.

C I.
It can be hard for me to not get distracted sometimes, so I've been trying to start small by investing 15-30 minutes on a given project, and just do as much as I can in that time.

Jonathan X.
Sometimes 20 minutes. Other times multiple hours. It depends on how invested I am in the task and how easy I make it to ignore distractions.

Ned N.
I use an app called Focus, which is the pomodoro technique, many apps available for this method, combined with OmniFocus which is the GTD method, I drag my action list from OmniFocus into Focus supports and 25 minute sessions, 5 minute breaks for a total of two hours or until the task is done. After 4 sessions (2 hours) take a longer 20 minute break. You can configure your sessions longer or shorter in Focus, the default works well for me.

Nawalnz E.
Given 25 minutes, but actually i spend more times, 1-2 hours or even more. The 25 minutes duration is helpful to get me started. Because that's my problem is – to get started.

Kay E.
It depends what I'm working on and what day it is. After I finish work Monday to Friday I might only do 25 mins of deep work. At the weekend it could be 2-3 hours at a time.

Noah P.
An average of 30 minutes should suffice as the brain's attention span is about 45 mins. This would do for someone who already has a routine for deep work.
For someone starting out on acquiring this habit, it could be daunting.
I would propose spending 20-25 mins when starting and gradually increase to 45 mins.
The most important thing is to start with what is comfortable and keep pushing the limit until you reach the goal 😊

Ross T.
It depends on the amount of work I've got to do! I'll always do at least 25 mins and will sometimes do as much as 90 minutes in one burst but not more!

Nanos M.
I cant stand to exercise, so I just pull out a yoga mat or stand on a rug and stretch. It flexes your muscles and leaves you feeling great without making your body hurt.

Hermann X.
I put on a classical playlist and spend like 45 minutes deep focusing with a 15 minute break. I like the Pomodoro technique but the breaks are just too frequent and short for me.

Barbora Y.
Not as much as I used to. I get distracted easily and my mind drifts all the time. I often think about people from my past who I’ll never be with again and torture myself with these intrusive thoughts. I often think about my future, full of worries and anxiety. I want to slow down and relax and be calmer and more present. But it’s very hard for me to do so. I’m still looking for my inner peace.

Crissy F.
I'm just starting to exercise my focus so what I do now is start off with half hour power work. Meaning I just focus on one task and power through one task for a whole half hour. The goal is to be able to do this for hours at a time.