What do you do during your deep work sessions?

Angelina E.
I focus on my smaller tasks which involve clearing my conscience of all payments or communication which require the ball being in someone else’s court for getting back to me. After I have completed those relatively quick tasks I can focus on my bigger tasks.
Susann E.
I write about how my day went, how I felt with the day going how it went. I check in with the person that I am and cry if I need to cry and comfort myself if I need to comfort myself. I celebrate my day and my life, I learn about who I am and the things that I love.
Carlota A.
I personally write as many short poems as I can. 2-4 lines each, and not necessarily rhyming. It’s basically coherent word vomit. Many days I just sit there with one while I spend a majority of the time just sitting there thinking or dissociating. I have been able to finish at least one each day, so I still feel accomplished in that