What if I become anxious about other tasks and lose focus on my set goal?

Quit Ria Z.
Write them down, commit to evaluate at a later time how to take action on them, and return to the task at hand, even if you feel anxious. One thing that’s worked for me is to understand that it’s completely okay and normal to feel anxious and I don’t need that feeling to disappear in order to be okay or make progress on my goals.
Hakan U.
It’s so easy for your mind to wander on other things. There is an almost endless string of tasks your mind can come up with as important.

If you have prioritised your tasks in the morning you know that you are working on something important. Also if you are only doing 25 minutes of focused work just wait until the 25 minutes is up and then focus on the other task. Nothing is that important that it can’t wait 25 minutes.

Cory J.
Stop and reflect on what you are doing. Remind the purpose of it. Make a notes or set a list on what you are doing. Take time to do it.