How do you manage to maintain focus and flow in distracting – and unavoidable – environments?

Thea B.
I tell ppl who may come into my office (which doesn't have a door) that I'm focused/working on a project for the next ___ minutes, when they can return to talk w me. I put my work phone on do not disturb and may email ppl that I'm working on a project if it's really that important, so ppl know not to interrupt me. I find music distracts me so I don't play it, unless it's lyric-less, but even then, just having things be as quiet as possible, works best for me

Emmie T.
Isolating myself with a pair of good headphones and really mellow music helps. Find ways to leave the area asap. Ignore g the world around me as if I really didn't know they were around. On rare occasions that at least turn the show off competitores.