Is a half an hour long enough to get deep work done? I always run over my time.

Mitchell O.
There are more time options for deep work sessions under the deep work page. I’ll use the time I have available to me but 25 min usually gives me time to do many small tasks or 1 30 min task.
Malou P.
Not really. You need the half an hour to get going, but I suppose you could always do more. It's actually a distraction to get stopped after 30 mins
Bertolino I.
I always assumed 25 minutes was a suggested minimum for Deep Work. I try to tell myself that even if I’m tired, I can focus for 25 minutes. I think running over is a good thing (assuming it doesn’t make you miss an important appointment or something).
Iag S.
It's not a hard and fast limitation but a reminder for me to set aside at least 25 minutes a day to work. It's about building the habit of getting me at my dsssk and info the zone.some days I stay longer, but it's about doing something everyday.