What music should I meditate to and for how long??😇

Victoria F.
I have just started mediation so I am not very good at it yet. However, I prefer using 5-10 minutes long guided meditations as a beginner.
Paula Z.
Any music that helps you relax, mantras, healing frequencies, I like the dolphins and whales. They communicate in magical ways. Never worry about how long you meditate, just do it and be sure to thank yourself for whichever amount of time you do it. Don’t push it, just go with the flow and with what feels good for you 🍃
Malaika M.
I think that relaxation plus frequencies should be heared while mediating because it will make you feel calm and as well when you're listening to frequencies it will also attract more peace in to your life.
Zilma Y.
I like to listen to the Fabulous ambience sound that plays on the screen whith the pink check mark button. Its not distracting but its somethinf u can use to help u focus
Viry E.
Meditate to whatever music feels nice to you. I would suggest wordless music if you prefer to hear your thoughts, peaceful with nature sounds, unless you prefer guided meditation with someone's voice.
Neve Z.
I like to go on Spotify and search for meditation music, calming music or even the playlist study 2022. Depending on how much I want to think about and breathe for I usually go for around 5ish minutes. I don’t like setting alarms when I am mediating so I just end on a nice breath out of a nice tone in the song
Callis R.
I’m sure there’s a piece of music that puts you in a place of calm. I’d usually listen to Yanni’s Watlz in 7/8. Although the music is good, you can also do this in a quiet space because for the most part, you need to train your mind to be able to center itself. The first few sessions should focus on your breathing. Every time you meditate and your thoughts stray off to something else, redirect it to your breathing. This means that throughout your meditations, you will inhale and exhale deliberately.

I only do this for a maximum of 5 minutes everyday. As you progress, you can rescope the duration. ✌🏾

Queen Z.
I think it's better to meditate for at least 5 minutes, and that you should listen to any calm music like the ones you can hear in music chakra videos and just anything that calms you honestly. Like lofi etc
Millie N.
I like rain sounds, ocean, rainforest, birdsong. You can type any of them (or just relaxing/meditation music) into the search bar of Spotify/ YouTube or whatever you use. Additionally, you can work your way up to meditating without music, being mindful of the sounds of your surroundings! In terms of how long – start small and work your way up to a longer session eg. 3-5 mins in the morning and evening and then progressing eventually to 20-30 min slots whenever you’re ready. If your in a hurry and don’t have as much time as usual, a short meditation session to clear your head is much better than skipping it completely! X
Holly O.
If you're christian I'd highly recommend instrumental worship music with no voices. If you don't identify as such find something peaceful to you with no lyrics.
Jeff P.
I should meditate to calm byt also empowering music or even euphoric frequencies to boost my energy level for about 20 minutes per day.
Grace T.
I listen to nature songs, singing bowls, archangel songs you find in youtube. I listen to them for minimum of 30minutes.
Miriam P.
Slow and relaxing musics , nature ones, river or rain in forest or birds chirping in the early morning or winds through forest before rain
Ava P.
I prefer guided meditation, I barely not listen to any music while I am doing meditation. If really need so, I just to professional meditation music. The meditation is a process to train your mind. Starting from 3 mins and get longer like 5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins. For myself, 10 mins per day is just right. And if I had a busy day, I will do twice.
Ines A.
hi there! in my opinion, i like music with no lyrics, so i won’t sing it. the type kinda depends on my mood in that day, but it’s usually some kind of “relaxing music”. i like to hear it when i want and for the time i want to. but if u have to work afterwards or something, u could listen to it for like 15-30 minutes. hope i helped!
Estella F.
Actually, in m pov, i d prefer to meditate in quiet place . It's better to concentrate on the mind and matter other than the music even if it is soothing or not
Brandy O.
I prefer to listen to guided meditations rather than music. But if you want to you can look up meditation music on youtube or meditate to binaural beats to boost the brain. Regarding the time, i prefer to meditate in the morning to kickstart my day with a positive vibe. You can also do so whenever you feel anxious or stressed.
Rachel Y.
I think really any peaceful music, sound vibrations or nature sounds! Options are endless! Same with time, any time that can be spared meditating can feed your soul! 🥰✨
Nolan Y.
I would recommend some audio of forest or river. If you have song that calms you down, it is perfect too. Just meditate until you feel all worries go away.
Felicia Z.
It depends on the goal. Sometimes we need to clear our minds and get centered for a task the task at hand so something with a up tempo melody. Other times we need to get grounded and relax and for that rain drops or the nice sound of wind blowing is my recommendation.
Amelia W.
I personally here the music that is provided in this app, or just type 'meditation music' in You Tube. As for how long I meditate it changes every time, I finish the meditation when I have nothing else to think about.
A B.
Something softer and with out words. Vocals are ok. As far as how long start out short. If you go for to long you’ll get bored and or frustrated. You still may. Just remember to come back to your center each time you drift off and don’t treat it as something bad. Meditation itself is nothing more than drifting off, recognizing you did, and than come back.
Lrc N.
One hour of a playlist with an aesthetic you like, I would say to prioritize classical music but you can choose everything you want. Something calm
Ross O.
Something calm, something subtle, something you’ll barely even know is there. The whole point of meditation is to return to the idea of tranquility; a hard reset. Less distractions the better. 10 minutes is usually good
Gabby P.
I like to listen to calming music or even just nature sounds. I usually just search up on my phone calming music. As for how long I think it depends on how long you want to meditate because there is no right or wrong way to meditate. So the amount of time depends on you.
Rasmus Z.
It depends on your choice of music what calms you down, you could try meditation which in my opinion is much better, you can meditate for how ever long you want to so you feel free.
Oliver U.
I personally meditate for 5 minutes since I don’t have much time in the mornings to meditate, but I would just meditate for as long as you need or u til you feel like it was enough. For music, just a soft, piano or just relaxing music. Or you could use meditated guides.
Florent P.
I don't use music to meditate. I try to find a calm place where I'm undisturbed and just watch all the thoughts, emotions and sensations that come up peacefully without becoming attached to them and let them go. It's supposed to be a pleasant experience but it took me a while to learn to be ok with all the unpleasant things that also sometimes come up. I usually put a timer for five minutes which is my minimum duration which I use to focus fully on the breath coming and going on its own and after the five minute bell I keep sitting for as long as my mind is cooperating. I used to do up to an hour every day but nowadays I do maybe about 15min on average.
Edouard Z.
You should listen to calm musics like water sound or birds chirping. You should also sit in a nice comfortable position and probably wear headphones.
Lukas N.
The short answer is: it doesn’t really matter! There is no strict guideline to basic meditation. Just be sure to be kind to yourself, don’t get frustrated when it doesn’t work out the way you thought it would (and don’t get frustrated about your frustration haha). Just let everything be. You can do this on every music you’d like, as long as it gives you a peaceful feeling. I’d personally begin with a session of 5 mins max but this too is totally up to you! Enjoy your new meditation-routine 🙂
Alex S.
Personally I don’t use music. It gives my mind more space to just be present. If you do use music try something calming. And if you’re a beginner to meditation start small with about 3 mins a day, and then gradually increase over time
Ghazaleh S.
I use different apps for meditating, i can recommend you Omvana app … this app has all programs for meditation and very good background sounds.
Moby U.
I dont usually play aby music. White meditating, i feel like just caring about The moment Is The best. And usually for like 5 minutes.
Amelia N.
I think the best music for meditation is “Inner Peace 444” and “ Calming Dreams 69”it’s I think calming music and perfect for meditation. I think at least 5 minutes.
Stephanie T.
You don't need any music :). Practice with silence or with a guided meditation with an meditation app. However if you would like to meditate to music you can offcourse. Any type will do, but I believe the more calm ones are more easy and relaxing. For example jazz, piano, or binaural beats. Start with 5 minutes and slowly build up!