What happens if I go too sleep at 12:00 anything bad

Clara M.
i think it depends on when you wake up. if you wake up at like 8 or something close to that, then you’re good. if you wake up at 7 and below, then it’s bad.
Emma F.
It isn’t good for your body. Your body needs sleep and when you go to sleep late your body can’t get the rest it needs to keep you energized through the day.
Mia N.
I think that yes, something bad will definitely happen. You won't get enough sleep to give you energy!!! Go to google/safari and search up: "how long should a (type in your age here) year old sleep?" It will tell you the recommended hours of sleep for your age! Try to get at le͟͟a͟͟s͟͟t that amount of sleep. (that doesn't mean going to bed at 12:00 am and waking up late) if you find yourself constantly going to bed at 12am try 11 instead then let it to 10 when you feel comfortable with 11. It might be hard to go to bed an hour earlier than you are used to so try meditating in your bed in a sleeping position. You can use Fabulous' meditating!
Reina Z.
12 in the morning makes me lose my tiredness and I’ll be able to stay awake until like one or two and then knock myself out. It’s just like that I feel like it’s already morning and I can’t go to sleep that’s if I close my eyes for a longer period of time until I knock out