I am a sleep lover, for me a normal sleep where I feel a nice and happy sleep is almost 9-10 hours otherwise my entire day goes drowsy and sleepy. But now things have changed as responsibility increased, I am trying to get a sleep of 7 hours max which I don’t feel satisfied about sometimes. What could be the ideal sleep for me ?

Eduardo F.
I have tried in the past to optimize my sleep to be fine with less sleep. But it's pointless trying that because your body needs what it needs. Having said that I feel building an optimal sleep situation will reduce the amount your body needs. Try things like a consistent bed time and everything mentioned in the sleep journey in this app
Alaa J.
Around 7 to 8 hours should be enough for adults.
try to sleep early around 10pm, sleep in a quite dark place, comfy bed and pillow, drink water & take a few breaths before sleep, Tty to sleep around 5-6 hours straight at night ! so you can get the ultimate and the deepest sleep,