What can I do to feel better in the morning faster?

Irina P.
I usually crack my back in the morning. This really makes me feel more relaxed and it relieves all of the stress. Also, sometimes I give myself pep talks in the mirror while brushing my teeth
Hana A.
Wake up early everyday. Get meditate atleast for 10 minutes. Find yourself in every single breath…tell everything is beautiful around you… That's all need to be postitive in the morning itself. Have a wholesome breakfast. Get a shower early….. And nothing can make you stay back from being productive for whole day😊
Michael P.
Take 10 deep slow breathes. Think about 3 things you want to do well today. Leave something unfinished today so you have a reason to look forward to it tomorrow
Sahar N.
The best thing I found was to ditch the snooze button! I used to have a bad habit of snoozing My alarm so many time, or even setting alarms that are 15 minutes apart. This is the worse thing I could’ve possibly done; it made me feel a lot more tired, a lot less motivated to get out of bed, and it gave me a really bad headache that I couldn’t shake off all day. No, I have one alarm, no snooze button, the minute my alarm goes off, I have a glass of water and start my day.
Good luck 🙂
Hawaii X.
You could splash some cool water 💧 on your face or what works best for me is to do some stretching 🙆‍♀️ or simple exercises.
Carley J.
First, before you wake up just lay in bed and while your eyes are still closed take 3 or more deep controlled breaths, & try to only focus on your breath. Drink a lot of water to rehydrate yourself. Then I take a shower, and afterwards I eat a healthy breakfast. Then exercise for 8 minutes or more. If I start my day this way I am in a great mood!
Vitorino P.
When after finishing brushing teeth. Look right into eyes and smile. Think about that you will get that delicious coffee/tea, breakfast and start planning a day of what's need to be done, and want to be done.
Andreas P.
get out of bed immediately w/o losing time and energy on my phone as soon as i wake up. also opening the windows and getting some fresh air and enjoying the day and feeling gratitude and peace. also drinking water to activate my metabolism and eating something light but nourishing that won't make me sick but also will give me energy. i want to fee happy and please with myself so anything that wont make me feel like a sloth will do 🙂
Julian O.
In the mornings, you have to wake up, brush your teeth, exercise fir 10 minutes to start your day, take a hot shower, then have a low carb breakfast.