What is the best way to get rid of the negative thoughts which don’t allow me to fall asleep?

Josephine W.
The best way to get rid of the negative thoughts is to breathe, which is allowing you to be calm and relaxed. You can also meditate and practice mindfulness to keep a healthy and positive mind and try to find the bright side in some difficult times or be grateful for the small things that you have right now that made you go this far.
Ida P.
Listen to music for about 10 min especially songs you know the lyrics of it distracts you from your thoughts which will help you fall asleep faster and it relaxes you from everyday stress and worries
Janet U.
So sorry you're sleeping badly! I have two tips:
1. Journal honestly before bed. Get it all out.
2. Count your blessings. Gratitude makes the heart lighter and more at peace.
Sweet dreams!