I live alone, far away from my home, sometimes i feel fear while being in a bed, in dark cold room. It brings sadness and anxiety, i feel super lonely and insecure… What can i do?

Amber Z.
That's super sad. But youre not alone! Perhaps try reaching out to friends, or building more friendships. I also reccomend meditation to help you get comfortable with yourself. Good luck! Sending virtual hugs x
Britney N.
What you could do is buy night lights and light up candles and you can also buy Xmas lights or just skinny string lights in your room and make it more vibrant you can still be home alone and still have a cozy environment have lots of pillows and warm blankets to make you feel warm and cozy lock your doors and everything so you have that feeling of secureness. I hope this helped in anyway open up your mind.
Anna O.
Seek support. Make friends, reach out to people back home, and don't be afraid to ask for help if you need to talk to a psychologist or a counselor — they can help you make a plan for tackling your loneliness and anxiety. You are not alone! A lot of people feel this way! Please take care of yourself and be well! 🤗
Victoria U.
You probably feel like that because you’ve always lived with your family and you’ve never been actually alone, but it can also be because you don’t feel like that house or apartment or whatever it is not your home, so you can start making it feel like home. You can start learning how to be alone, by starting to practice self care, and one way to do that is by getting a puppy or adopting a dog or a cat (what you prefer).
Bessie J.
I feel you! I always sleep with a very dim night light, as well as some calming music (for me it’s lofi). I would also make sure my blanket is nice and warm! Hope this helps!
Emily T.
I’m sorry to hear that, I’ve struggled in that way as well back when I first moved away from home. I don’t think it’s necessary to sleep in complete darkness from the start, I think a little light can be comforting and once you’re able you can move to total darkness. Besides that, if you’re able, you could call a loved one before bed. Talking to those you treasure most might help soothe your loneliness and anxiety.
Ros Rio C.
Make your room warmer and cozier, get a soft warm blanket, a night light or fairy lights to hand around to make a soft glow. Watch videos or listen to podcasts. If you can get a pet get one. It makes a huge difference.
Jabim N.
I want you to know that it’s completely normal to feel this way. I do sometimes too. Some things that can help can be to journal, talk to a therapist, FaceTime family, and even sometimes grabbing a stuffed animal can actually make you feel less lonely. Turn on those lights and turn up that heat! But making a nice routine for yourself that maybe includes tea, reading, journaling, etc can definitely help with that!
Diego Y.
I use to feel that wayxand still do. Breathe and be still.. accept your emotions and breathe through them and then a sense of peace will calm you its all in your head so while you in the dark meditate .
Nils J.
Sorry to hear that. I think you can be flexible and listen to what works for you. If it is comforting to have something to listen to while you fall asleep, that can help remind you that you are not really alone. While meditating might help, so you don’t fear your own anxiety so much, finding a podcast or audiobook you can listen to might help keep your mind out of anxious places. And don’t feel too rigid about the light thing— your emotional comfort and security have to come first! All the best, and remember you are definitely not alone in feeling this way.