As a (high school) student, how do you get enough sleep even with all the homework and projects you have to stay up late doing?

Hanna U.
I struggle with the same problem!! If you're able to divide up the time you devote to the project or homework, I highly recommend that. Being able to spend multiple days on things, as long as it may take, gives you more downtime and more sleep as a result.
Set a bedtime that gives you around eight hours of sleep, and don't do any work beyond that bedtime.
Lordia B.
I am in high school for me right i go to bed at 8:00 pm and I wake up at 5:00 am in the morning and then after that I go downstairs at 6:50 am when I come back from school I make sure that I get my homework done well for me right my proj
Bobbi W.
I always have a lot of homework so I try to get it all done at night by 11:00 but if it’s after I wake up early and do it right away in the morning
Irina T.
Right now I’m not in school and to be honest my sleep is not that good at the moment I get from work at 11:00 or 10:30 and then I go on my computer instead of sleeping right away
Alyssia S.
Time management is a big thing, manage your time. For example when you get home from school don't mess around on social media instead go do any form of homework you need to do before you get stressed and have to do it late at night.
Diocl Cia Q.
By discipline your time
Cos a goodnight rest is more important than your projects or home work . Sleeping helps with your mental health and physical health
Lucas Q.
Hey whoever this is for, been there done that. Currently I’m a university student, high school is draining but also one of the best times of your life. I found turning your phone off before bed helps, start with 5 minutes the next day or week so 10 until you reach 30 minutes of no screen before be. Fortunately you may be stressed, see I find this a form of hunger if your stressed you want to get to many things done, what I currently do at university is put my phone away, music in clean my room and study for 30 minutes at a time 5 minute breaks I hope this helps best of luck, Lucas.
Vale F.
Eventhough I‘m not in high school I do have a lot on my plate academically speaking. Nonetheless, I manage to sleep enough and do all the tasks that need to be done. The most important thing to remember is that you receive the deadlines early and that planning ahead and staying oraganized is key. Make sure you set every day 1-2h aside for those tasks, you don‘t have to finish them in that set time frame, but you will get some done. Working on stuff bit by bit will make it seem like a lot less and you‘ll still see results.