Which is more important for your health: Sleeping MORE or sleeping BETTER?

Virg Nio Y.
Sleeping better has always been my first priority and I am trying really hard for that Like eating my dinner three hours prior my sleep schedule have warm milk an hour before I go to bed and no electronic ( cell phone) near me half an hour before I go to bed😁
Rico N.
Sleep 7 – 8 hours a night. Good sleep hygiene should provide a quiet, dark environment to help the natural production of melatonin and Progesterone. You need to cycle through the stages of sleep with Delta being primary. That’s the ideal. But to have good quality sleep, you have to first sleep. Your needs may be different so it’s worth seeing what works for you but aim for seven to eight hours even if broken up.
Lolo N.
Of course sleeping better..
For me, when I sleep longer but there were a distractions in between or even a one happened it will be like I hadn’t slept at all.
So yeah even if it’s less hours but deep and better sleep it will be good enough. Although I like long hours because I didn’t sleep well and get up early for my work. So for me I want 6-7 hours and better sleep but if I have to choose one I will prefer better sleep for sure.
Tag G.
False choice. You have to work on both at the same time. You have more direct control on strategies for sleeping better. The only strategy to work on sleeping more is don’t set an alarm and don’t get out of bed.
Hoda E.
Well I think sleeping well and enough is both important. Since I'm of the king whom sleep well and don't have sleeping problem , the hours of sleeping become important and I have to sleep atleast 7 hours a day, but there has been so many time that I've slept so well that 6 hours has been enough and finally I think it really depends on a person's lifestyle.
Milan Q.
I’d say sleeping better because then you will be sleeping more by extension but you’ll also be feeling more centred and energised.
Paris J.
I would have to say sleeping better would be better for my health. The reason is becuase by sleeping better it would give my health that better relaxing feeling.
Thomas D.
Sleeping better is more important. To me, sleeping for more than 7 hours makes me more tired. 6 hours seems to be my prime time. I would want the sleep better rather than longer.
Christian C.
Sleeping better, is the short and sweet of it. If you get to sleep through most of the night, remembering we normally wake up at least once throughout the night, and get 7 hours of sleep it's better than say 9 hours of broken, possibly nightmarish, sleep. Do try to cut down on caffeine intake, also keep your room dark and comfy as well as mostly clutter free. Temperatures and humidity play a huge role in how well you sleep, too. I've heard masks help with light if you cant avoid sources. Also use music or some form of white noise like a fan or nature sound recordings. I've tried a lot of things and sometimes the only thing that helps is accepting you might not get a lot of sleep but attempt to make it the best you can.
Eleonora O.
Sleeping BETTER, definitely. If you sleep more but still feel tired it's just a waste of time with negative side-effects. But if you both sleep more and better and feel good like that it's perfectly fine.
Angie S.
Sleeping better definitely. You can sleep more but have a rough night. If you sleep better for 5 hours one night you'll feel refreshed and so much better!
Hilary T.
I've struggled with a sleep disorder since 2010. I can say for sure, without a doubt, and from personal experience that sleep quality is more important than hours slept. I would sleep 10 to 16 hours a day and never felt rested. I was always sleepy and easily exhausted. I couldn't focus on any thing and wasn't able to drive for months. Once I got appropriate treatment, I sleep 7 to 8 hours and feel more energetic and alert. I can actually stay up for 16 hours at a time.