How many hours of sleep do you think is optimal for you?

Lua P.
I think 7 with a 30 min nap in the afternoon works best for my energy. Though my life schedule doesn't always allows fot that
Soljeannette N.
To be honest my sleep routine has been for the past five years 4/5 hours and I'm wide awake! As if I had 8 hrs sleep 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
Jeanene F.
I think 8 hours of sleep is perfect for me. I go to sleep at 23.00 and wake up at 07.00. Works perfect for me, it makes waking up in the morning easy peasy lemon squeezy 😇🤗
Mads C.
9 hours is best for me; I need longer than I used to because of my multiple health problems. My body needs to rest and recharge and I've found 9 hours is the optimal time.
Heribert R.
Optimal is 7.5. I usually wake up naturally. Any more than that and I feel sluggish. Much less than that and I can't function properly.