How can I teach myself to go to bed earlier? I always get stuck till late doing tasks or scrolling on my phone. Any advice?

Nuran O.
I think talk to yourself a little bit. Think about how useful it is to go to bed early at night and wake up early in the morning. If you practice sleeping early at night, you will definitely feel better after a while.
It's a little hard at first. You can go to bed 5 minutes earlier each night. So you went to bed 35 minutes earlier than last week. This is a big step forward.
you can . Good luck đź’›
Daisy U.
schedule the tasks you normally get stuck doing at night, for the morning. That way you can get it out of the way for the entire day. Also, think deep for a y you scroll that night. Is it for a sense of satisfaction or fulfillment? Is it boredom? Perhaps you could replace that activity with something that will provide similar but healthier feelings, like listening 2 a bedtime story for adults, writing down a couple of thoughts from the day, listening to a song that makes you feel good and relaxed.