How to be dicipline with sleeping hours?

Luciene F.
Set an alarm on your phone warning you 2 hours before bed time. This give you time to prepare for bed which includes your night routine. Then another alarm more gentle noise giving you a 30 min warning time to settle down and read. Time for bed no negotiations unless absolutely necessary. If, necessary to not follow them try again and again until it sticks. Better to break the routine every once in awhile than break it for good. Never give up and keep trying no matter how many tries it takes! Good luck you got this!
Catherine N.
Discipline with consistent sleep times is a challenge of mine, too. I like the Fabulous idea of sticky notes around home to remind me of a commitment to improving my brain & body health through a better sleep pattern. No need to put words on the note–draw anything that helps remember your intent to go to bed earlier. Or maybe write the time you want to start getting ready for sleep.
Jan A.
Sadly simply telling yourself to go to bed is the easiest. But you could also decide for yourself a habit before bed. Or try stimulating bed time. Lowering the temperature of the room. A hot shower before bed. Dim the lights. Don't use your phone. All those boost melatonin, which makes you sleepy.
Claire S.
I also have troubles with going to sleep on time because of all the things I have to do during the day , like cook on time eat on time , make next meal on time , clean on time , swim on time during lap swim, homework by due date , so I try the best I can to go to sleep on time and I take bubble baths and try to make myself go even if I’m exhausted and it helps with my muscle aches from swimming on my entire body and also promotes sleep if you get the dr . Teals epsom salt bags plus bubble foam