Despite setting aside 8 hours of sleep, I find myself up by the 6 hour mark, and forcing myself to sleep the full 8 hours leaves me feeling more sleepy and tired. This is really strange. I’m a 34 yo female working full time in a school. What’s going on? Should I sleep more or less? I’m confused to my lack of energy despite putting more hours into sleep.

Solandis M.
Simply do not force yourself , if 6 hours works for you then it's okay , sleep for 6 and measure your performance throughout the day , do you perform better than with 8? If you do then congrats ! U don't need 8 at all !
Emma S.
Try not to force your 8 hours sleep, if you only get 6 that’s ok. Then try building up the habits suggested to make your sleep better and hopefully you will see an improvement in your quality of sleep and time of sleep.