Do you read before bed? Do you read in or outside of your bed before sleeping?

Ankit N.
Actualy, at night I didn't felt any tiredness or dizziness so, I complete the
Remaining work (generally written) as
I am night owl. if there is no work then
I read ( but this never happen ) I read generally in afternoon
Skylar X.
I am trying to get in the habit of reading daily so I will start reading before I go to bed thanks fabulous for everything 😊
Justine L.
I read just a quick daily disciple before I go to bed. Nothing too long. I do read in bed. I get all ready and tucked in for the night and finish my day this way. It is kind of relaxing.
Cameron G.
I read in my bed. I live in a small studio where I do everything in the same room (cooking, working, sleeping…) and that's one of the few ways to try to create a different ambiance of sleeping time vs study time.
Rhonda O.
Sometime. For me at least, I’m not the biggest fan of reading. But when I did read before bed, I would sleep inside my bed so I could fall asleep faster. This is just my opinion thought
Kylie B.
i don’t really like reading, unless it’s a really good book i am SUPER interested in. I wish i was more into reading though, it’s really good for your mind and body and will really relax you!
Sha F.
Read in the bed. It is an indication to me that ive reached the end of my day. I can also go straight to bed when the chapter ends.