Is it okay to eat before bed? What about exercising?

Favoured T.
You should eat at least 2 hours before going to bed. Doing light stretches will enable you to relax better and unwind for bed time. Avoid harsh exercises that will only make you too sweaty and make you more active.
Guy P.
Since I am a student of pharmacy, I am very much familiar why eating before sleep it is not good, such as our organs are not on high percentage functionable to deal with all the nutrients that come in and not the right way to storage those nutrients, as main reasons.
Exxersising can be good, i believe it is different for everybody. For example, excersice can make me feel tired, so it will help me falling asleep faster, but in most cases I feel much more energised than I was before, and it is not that helpful. Anywas, a litle stretch is not that harmful, and it will only benefit in having a healty sleep.
Arijit P.
It probably isn’t a good idea to eat or exercise right before bed

But it may not be a bad idea to do some stretching and maybe some kind of calming warm drink ritual right before bed as part of a bedtime ritual.

Ace Y.
I only eat if I’m feeling hungry or just enough after I take my pills so something light like a rice cake or small like a few nuts. You don’t want anything that would create a lot of energy in your body or else you’ll have a hard time falling asleep. As for exercising stick to a couple hours before your to go to bed. So if say your bed time was 11 pm then you could work out from 7 to the latest of 8:30. Then you would have time to shower, rest and have your body get ready for sleep mode.
Heidi Y.
The earlier you can finish eating and exercise before bed the better, but it’s better to do a little exercise before bed, like stretching or dancing, or going for a walk, then being sedentary. It’s also better to go to bed right after eating or exercise than to stay up too late.
Matt Z.
I’d say don’t eat anything an hour before bed. Some foods can sit heavy in your stomach which leads to bloating and an uncomfortable nights sleep. Yoga is a good exercise to do before bed as it opens your muscles up and which then helps your body kick start your repairing when you go to sleep.
Lisa G.
Yes it's OK to eat before bed if your hungry, maybe some light yoga but nothing to strenuous otherwise it would wake me up too much
Berit S.
I usually don’t exercise right before going to sleep and I also don’t eat right before. However, if I do exercise close to the time that I go to bed, I will have a light snack because I usually get hungry. Also, if I do feel hungry around the time that I go to bed, I will either eat a snack or drink water. Sometimes I’m hungry because I forgot to drink water