How do i get this night owl a$$ of mine to sleep before 3 am??

Judy U.
Routine is probably everything— even if it hurts a bit to get up early in the beginning, try getting up at the same time every morning, and set a limit for when you’ll stop doing mentally stimulating things in the evening. You can always switch and eg watch TV in the morning instead.

Getting fresh air as soon as you wake up in the mornings will also help. If you can stay awake (apart from maybe one afternoon power nap) for the rest of the day you’ll be well set up for feeling sleepy in the evening! Meditation in bed is quite good for unwinding. Good luck!

Kristall F.
Start waking up a bit earlier every day so you start getting tired earlier. Like, if you go to sleep at 3 am right now, try 2:30 tonight, 2 the next night and so on.
Rebecca U.
Hi! I’d say, don’t let them use any electronic device after 10 pm and do some exercise outside during the day. Fresh air makes you tired in the evening. Also no sugar or fizzy drinks at night. They keep you awake artificially. Good luck!
Amy T.
Sleep is not a switch your turn on or off. It's a slow process that you teach your body. First say good to people that keep you awake, put phone on airplane, drink warm liquid(dealers choice, put on you night clothes, get comfy, do calm activity(read, draw, slow music on low volume), turn off the lights, turn off electronics, turn you ac colder, get in bed, listen to your breathing, relax your muscles, and start telling yourself about your day(in you head). Soon… Without knowing it…. You start to dream.
Reagan X.
It may be difficult but if you lay in bed, completely still, with your eyes closed, and count to 60, 7 times, your brain should automatically make you sleep. I tried this the other night and it worked pretty well.
Mildred U.
Here another owl replying to you, just close your eyes keep the cellphone away and make some breathe exercises, the 4,7,8 works very well, however you should wake up by 7 am or 8am even if you are zombie during the day, try not to drink coffe at evening and make some exercise, the first days even with that will be hard, sincerely it will suck but as time passes you will become an early bird, it worked for me that have insomnia so hopefully it will work on you
Erin Leigh Q.
This sounds nuts, but when I cannot sleep, I rearrange furniture in my head. It’s like doing a puzzle and gets other things off my mind. Think about where else the couch would go and will the wing chair fit over there? What if the dining room was the living room?! And suddenly…Zzzzzz.
Douglas T.
I think it's a full mental shift. My washing hours should be 6 to 10. So I need to feel good about progress when I actually am in bed by 10 or 11. And I need to acknowledge how o feel in the morning when I have that routine. Now is the time to build this habit
Burghard P.
Make yourself get up a few hours earlier in the morning and then you will feel more tired in the evening. Don’t let yourself nap and catchup on sleep during the day.
Sheila C.
I found following the Fabulous App sleeping journey and the learning self-discipline journey both very useful for this. There is no instant fix and you will only start going to bed if you genuinely believe I its benefits. From one night owl to another – the journey is long and hard but with determination and resilience you can and will get there. It all starts with accepting that slep is important and building a 'sleep time' routine around that. My routine starts at 9.30pm and I am in bed by 10.30/11pm. Usually asleep just before midnight… Good luck!
Cynthia N.
Start by making small changes. Go to bed 30 minutes earlier. Then keep going to bed earlier and earlier till you are going to sleep at whatever time you are wanting to start going to sleep at. If 30 minutes is too hard try 15 minutes
Ga Lle Z.
Do something that makes you feel asleep. What helps for me is being productive the whole day, than I usually feel very sleepy around midnight. But you could also try reading a book or meditate even masturbation makes you relax and feel sleepy. Try one of those around 11pm or midnight and hopefully you will have a early sleep routine. Luvs xx
Yasrene Z.
Honestly I don't know how because as we speak it's almost like 5 am and I just ended up watching YouTube videos all night but the only thing I can truly say is that you set a time at night to put your phone away and just chill you know take time for yourself and wind down from everything going on with the world
Elyssa P.
I, myself also don’t sleep that early all the time. But what I would recommend is that you could try silencing your phone and put it somewhere far away, so its not an easy distraction. Or just get rid of anything that would keep you up till that hour. If it is work keeping you up, try managing your time better to do it earlier? Hope this helped 🙂
Jillian W.
Give them a reason give them a schedule we’re the workout or do something productive for more than half the day then just before dinner let them on their phone for 40 minutes and if you have control that is quite easy but even if you don’t make an effort get them to do something that is tiring and you should be able to get them to go to sleep at maybe depending on how fast I’d work 7-8pm and some kid or people work differently them other.
C Lia F.
Try doing more things throughout the day. That will help you feel more accomplished by the end of the day. You will also feel more tired as you have done more activities. Another thing that helps is waking up a little earlier each day, this will help with going to bed earlier as well.
Madi N.
I find that breathing exercises help a lot. I also like to spray my bed with a lavender and vanilla essential oil mix. It’s easier to fall asleep if you are away from electronic devices for a small period of time before bed. Maybe try an hour before bed plugging in your phone and trying to wind down.
Алина Русалеева N.
Lol I had the same problem a week ago. Basically one morning you need to wake up early, for example at 7:00. You will probably struggle during the day a bit, but don't nap! Maybe even do something, that will make you physically tired. And I guarantee, you will fall asleep well before 3am (speaking from experience) 🙂