How many hours of sleep do you get? I’m trying to get 8 hours of sleep but I fall short.

R Mi Y.
sorry for that but i downloaded this app just because i had a problem with my sleep. This is because I sleep for many hours and find it difficult to wake up early. I sleep about 11 hours
Selene Q.
I try for 8 but I'm lucky if I get 5 solid hours. 🙁 I've always struggled with insomnia and because I'm so sleep deprived, when I do get more than 8 hours of proper sleep, I still feel exhausted when I wake up.
Hayley F.
It changes every single night. I try to get over 6 hours a night at least, that is my main goal but sometimes my body wants to stay in bed for almost 9 hours and sometimes it's all ready to go after 5. I try to listen to my body rather than force myself back to sleep or force myself up because I generally feel worse throughout the day after doing that. That being said, the entire point of this answer was to highlight that everybody is different and every day is different. Start writing down how you feel after certain hours and start getting a better grip on what your body and sleep patterns are telling you.
Purple S.
I do strive to get 8 hours myself but I hardly manage. It's mostly because I'm going to bed too late and I'm too anxios, waking up earlier than my alarm
Leia N.
10 because I’m a student and an athlete. Program yourself to sit in your bed for and hour before you’re supposed to be asleep with no distractions and you’ll fall asleep quicker. No electronics no TV in my room because those aren’t healthy to have in your room.
Phoenix P.
Im trying to get back on the wagon myself. I just have so much to think about at night! I don't track my hours of sleep, but i should do a better job of it. I feel better when I sleep right.
Adam E.
I also aim for 8 hours and to reach my goal I specifically set aside an hour or so before optimal sleep time to wind down and do things like set my phone to do not disturb, brush my teeth, turn the lights off or down and read a book. And honestly smoking (or eating) a good indica cannabis strain really doesn't hurt. I don't wake up in the middle of the night, I get my 8 hours, and I feel incredibly refreshed the next day. Whatever method you choose to wind down, its important to do so. Set aside time for relaxing.
Vanessa I.
Normally I aim to get between 8 and 9 hours of sleep. Although I only go to bed at 11, I make sure I start getting ready for bed at 10. This means I have sorted everything from the day before and the day ahead. By 10:30 I can relax by reading or listening to music so then I fall asleep quickly without any worries. This way I sleep really well and wake up naturally at about 8:00
Hazel Y.
I started out with 8, and then set my alarm back 15 minutes every week until I was no longer waking up before my alarm, and then kept that time 7:15 minutes. Its a good way to find out how much sleep you really need. Try not having any artificial light 1 hour before (t.v., phone) and not eating 2 hours before as well as not drinking water 1 hour before bed. Don't stay in your bed unless its for sleeping. That way your body will associate your bed with sleep. Try and keep the same nightly routine and that should help. Try to incorporate a workout throughout the day so your body feels like it did something which will help you sleep. All these things are very good for sleep! I believe in you!
Tony B.
I usually get between 8-10h of sleep. But not always. I personally need a lot of sleep to feel energized for the next day. To help me get to bed early I pick a time when I stop working even if my tasks aren't done and then I wind down and get ready for bed of have dinner. I also set an alarm to remind me it's time for bed and I try not to set my phone next to my bed. Another thing is when planning your day (ex: the night before) make sure you take into consideration your desired bedtime. Happy Sleeping!
Hollis O.
I typically get 8-10 hours of sleep, now with us in quarantine. However, I’m going to bed later and later which is keeping me from being consistent so my body is feeling more tired each day. That’s why I’m taking this challenge too. — so far chamomile tea and lavender candles have been helping me get to sleep quicker though.
Lacey F.
Depends, since quarantine started I go to sleep at like 3 in the morning if not later than that and sleep till about 10 or 11. Before quarantine I slept from about 10pm to around 9-11am.
Stephane Y.
I get about 8 hours of sleep a night maybe more or less.
I get up at 9am and I don't go to bed until 2am usually sometimes I don't fall asleep until 3am or 4am.
Shawn Q.
I totally understand you on that note. Especially when you have kids and you're trying to get them settled for the night. I have 9 year old and she's a handful. I try to go to bed early. For me, I'm in the bed at 11:00 so my body can rest. My tip for you is to set a time when you can run a nice bubble bath for yourself. If you have a speaker like JBL Charge 4 that connects to your Bluetooth, pick you're music and you're good to go! It's good to relax and it helps you take it easy. When you're done with your bath, get ready for bed. Turn on your meditation music and you'll fall asleep. You wake up refreshed and ready to start a new day! I hope this helps you to sleep better.