What should I think about to help me fall asleep sooner especially when I am not tired yet?

Mc Kinley O.
Meditating, listening to calming sounds (I like rain noises), clearing your mind, and setting a bedtime routine that puts you in the mindset of going to sleep
Gina F.
Take magnesium and melatonin capsules, make sure to do some physical activity – enough that you are sore and tired enough that when u lie in bed u wanna just pass out. Also getting up early even with staying up the night before —- no napping and you will be tired early
Nane E.
Well, first of all you shouldn't have to think to fall asleep. And I believe meditation is a great way to do that… it calms our minds and declutters the thoughts of the day so that you can put your mind to rest. If you don't like meditating, you can try breathing and focusing on your breath… your thoughts will naturally fade away and you'll be sound asleep before you know it!