How do you stay motivated to go to bed on time

Gemma X.
I’ve suffered with insomnia 😴 since I can remember 🫠🫣
I’ve tried so many pills 💊 activities!! Bed 🛌 time routine!

Now this app as improved my sleep by 80% go bed 🛌 same time every night wake up around same time, I track my sleep 💤 from a other app I got!! It’s brilliant 🤩

I slow down a hour before bed 🛌 by tidying around so wake up in a good mood 😄 tidy home 🏡 tidy mind, low lighting, peace ☮️ I do five minutes stretching 🙆‍♀️
Make my bedding smell gorgeous trust that helps so much!! Be thankful and I either do sleep 💤 story or meditation 🧘‍♀️ hope this helps x

Shannon F.
Set up reminders and make sure that you have everything you need to get done before the end of the day
Sleeping medication helps to get you tired and after a while of waking up and going to sleep earlier your body starts to feel tired around your night routine
Just make sure you keep motivated you fail one day just try the next again
It gets easier I swear
Sarah N.
Just think about your health, an unhealthy sleep schedule can cause a lot of damage. Also, look forward to tomorrow morning! Think about something that you love in the morning, and if you go to sleep earlier, you'll have more time to do it!
Anastasiia X.
I remember that the time in bed is so cozy and pleasant. And I like my dreams. So, it's easy to me to go to bed. If the day is that bad day and you want to live for yourself for a few hours after midnignt, you can think about sleep as an escape. Sleep has a very strong effect on your well-being. Invest in sleep!
Maylin O.
By smoking CBD or a cigarette drink coffee and tea with sugar and listen to kitchen stereo helps me out all of it keeps me motivated
Zo O.
It's hard but trying to keep a routine is always a good thing. Focusing on when you start getting tired and what helps you relax is important
Miguelina N.
Honestly i have a hard time with that. I think about the next day the next morning and everything i have to do and that i know i'll be tired if i don't sleep 8 hours.
Emma N.
Try to find a time when you find yourself getting ready for bed then after you’re done all of your Daily habits go to your bed at a pretty decently early time that you can just wind down read a book write in your journal etc.hipe this helps💕