How to have a solid night sleep

Cust Dia P.
Write down everything that is troubling you, you have to do the next day or can't stop thinking about before you sleep and then forget about it.
Sacha Z.
Spend all day doing something like homework or chores with only short little breaks. Eat three solid meals throughout the day. Don’t go to bed with any unread messages. Cuddle Daisy, if she wants to. But it’s always nice to fall asleep with a purring kitty. Open your window all the way and listen to the frogs. Have ice water in your bottle.
Willard W.
I always find that I have the best sleep when I listen to subliminal and sleep hypnosis messages to do with self confidence and positivity and I also listen to binaural beats that help with deep sleep, it helps me wake up the next day with a happy mood and ready to start the day
C Lia T.
Make sure the room is dark, and that you have enough pillows and blankets to truly feel comfortable, and personally, listening to ASMR or meditation sounds or even soft music helps me go to bed if I feel too awake or uneasy
Elmer T.
Exercise during the day, clean sheets, clean pyjamas, quick hot shower, low light, cool room and read a book for a while until drowsy.