What’s the point of sleep?

Atika E.
The point of the sleep is to relax you
And relax your mind
,Makes you relax to have great Night
So you can sleep a great night sleep
And so you can come fresh when you wake up in the Morning.
For asking
Jerusa T.
Para mi dormir es importante ya que empiezo el dia a 10 am y no es nada reconfortante comenzar el dia a esa hora por eso me gusta tener habitos o ritos para poder dormir y despertar de buena forma
Nicoline Y.
Sleeping is the process your body needs to restore, recharge and rest. Even when you’re asleep your body is hard at work keeping you alive and healthy. Without sleep, the body has trouble regulating itself and it can lead to serious health concerns if sleep issues aren’t addressed properly.
Jennifer X.
Sleep is very important. It allows your mind to stop thinking and gives it a break. It recharges it, and actually makes your mind healthier, which in turn, will help the state of your overall mental health. On top of that, sleep recharges the rest of your body. It allows your muscles to take a break, very similarly to your mind. I guarantee that if you decide to quit sleeping, your body will force it somehow. You will get sick, or you will just crash. Your body needs sleep, and wants it.