What time di you usually wake up?

Emma T.
I wake up at around 6:30 on work/school days. I try to start my morning routine around 7:00, and waking up early gives me time to prepare. I’ve noticed that the earlier I start, the more likely I am to actually get a job done.
Mip N.
Depends on what I did the day before. If I had to cramp up to finish a homework , a lab project report or preparing for an exam until late. I will wake up around 8 to 9 hours later. I went to bed at 11:45 pm then most likely I will be awake the next day around 8:45 am
Nelson B.
I wake up around 7 am. Because i do a morning preyer at 7.30 everymorning.This always starts my day in the best possible way ready to face my day.
Mc Kinley O.
I usually wake up at 4 am, but that's because I have to be at school at 6 am. I suggest waking up 2 hours earlier than you have to leave for school/work. I use this time to exercise from 4-5 and then I have 50 minutes to get ready. When I don't have school I get up around 6:30-7:30 that way I can exercise and get my day started right
Mirjam S.
These days my routine has changed a lot. With my current 8-5 work from home job, I’m being nice to myself and body to help stay healthy. So I started waking up at 7, but I would like to end up shooting for 6am.