How can i get to bed earlier?

Nathan E.
Getting to bed early can be hard, but all you have to do is get everything done, set a time to go to bed after getting ready for sleep and keep your phone off and read or just go to sleep and ideal time to go to sleep would be 9 or 10 if you don't already sleep by that time.
Mallika N.
Have a bed time routine. Set up reminders to get you started on it. Relaxing things like stretching, taking a shower, and meditation are very helpful. Leaving your window open to cool your room several hours before your bedtime can also be helpful. Perhaps most importantly, be disciplined about putting your phone away. In fact, putting your phone away from your bed is helpful in not touching your device during bedtime and also helps in making you get out of bed in the morning. Waking up at the same time consistent is also helpful in establishing a routine for your body and getting to sleep at an earlier time.
Katia B.
Establish a routine for yourself and get used to it. Set alarms to go to do everything you need in order to get to bed early. Read something that enjoy 30 minutes before going to sleep and drink hot tea if you can, this should help you relax.
Noe Z.
Try to turn off all your electronic devices early, including the internet, put on relaxing music after 8 pm, have a relaxing tea, read a book, put your mind to rest and relax
Jennifer N.
Set. A timer if you must to start winding down. I usually start about 8pm….I take my time getting ready for bed, take a nice epsom salt bath which makes me sleepy (magnesium), and when I get out I’m sleepy and out by 10pm. Perhaps following a schedule could help you? Best of luck!
Heather C.
For me it was an overnight thing going to bed early ( yes, this pun was intended!!!) I had to do a phone boot camp and remove devices from my sleep area. I do keep my phone by my bed but it is strictly for emergency calls, wake up alarm, and I use sleep cycle to help me get to sleep. It is one of my favorite apps because it helps you get to sleep it tracks trends, monitors snoring, body movements and rem cycles! The best part is my app tells the difference between me and my partner who is a major snorer and doesn’t mess with your results.
Katie N.
Completely turn off all devices 10 mins before bed and then start a night time routine….getting into these kind of routine habits will make your body want to stick to them and then you will have a good sleeping pattern to stick to! hope this helps!
T Rkan F.
Think about what I want to achieve thr next day and how I want to feel. What time do I want to get up to have the fullest day, how much sleep do I need and then set a bedtime alarm.
Cher P.
Better sleep routine
Go to toilet before sleep
Don’t get into bed unless til before sleep
Use the bed for sleeping and sleeping only
No caffeinated drinks after 3pm
No meal 2 hours before sleep
Keep a dark, quiet and cool environment