What do you do to wake up energized?

Khushi C.
Firstly when I woke up I drink water then instead of phone I get to book for reading then I woke up and I sit for 10 min in sun then I will freshen up brush teeth…then I had breakfast then all works which I do and when we wake up early we feel so energised…Thanks

Lucy N.
i like to have a good breakfast or something that will make me excited to get out of bed. i also have a drink of ice water in the morning which can help you to feel energized. to remember to do this, i put a water bottle or glass of water near my bed so i can drink it first thing.

Joan E.
i usually don't really wake up energized, but sometimes i do. when it's time to go to sleep i eat a cucumber or any other vegetable. it helps me wake up feeling refreshed and energized 🙂

Allan E.
I wake up, drink cold water, try have something to eat, put on some funky tunes I have a great playlist, smoke a j and meditate listen to the headspace radio on Spotify. Really focus and listen to things appreciate the world I always go outside in the morning if the weathers good enjoy Mother Nature and don’t forget to have a boogie and let loose!

Zeyn P.
What i do is first drink some water to refreshed me. After that i would go and turn on an energetic music and dance on it but sometimes i would just dance even without a music to energized me to go and do something.

Christy J.
I use an app called SleepCycle which I give a 15 min bracket to wake me up in. The app figures out what part of your sleep cycle you're in and wakes you up at the best possible time (during lightest sleep) within that time bracket. Otherwise drinking water and washing my face really helps wake me up.

Natalia N.
It's hard to, but I usually shut off any really exciting things and put on a podcast that is super boring so I fall asleep these are made specifically for sleeping

Ramon Z.
When I'm in bed before I open my eye's i move my body in a meditation pose a take breaths for 1minute and then i get up an drink a glass of water

Olivia I.
The key to waking up energized is getting a good nights sleep. The earlier you go to bed, the more energized you will feel when you wake up!

Caitlin O.
I count my sleeping hours before bed. So I can take control and get enough sleep. If I know I'm not going to get enough, at least I'm prepared. So in the morning I won't feel as tired as when my mind isn't prepared. Then in the morning I count again and tell myself it's enough.

Christy Z.
Per forza devo lavarmi la faccia, o fare skin care sennò non mi sveglio proprio, inoltre un bel buongiorno come stai? Mi tira sempre su di morale

Armin R.
It's better to start your day with gratitude and positive thinking. It's good for you to don't think about what you don't have or what you lost; instead of that, thinking about what you already have and all your blessings, can make you more energized. And the more energized you start your day, the more you can do something effective.

Ioana V.
I can't really wake up energized… But I energize myself in the morning by washing my face with cold water, opening a window to feel the morning air on my face, drink water and listen to my favorite songs. Coffee doesn't work for me…

Aaron A.
First, I drink a glass of water. Then, I fill out my journal. Next, I start my coffee, take my vitamins, drink a half of a glass of water and brush my teeth. After that, I get dressed and do some yoga or a quick exercise routine. Last, I drink the rest of my water and meditate for five minutes. After my morning routine, I have to prepare the chickens, dog, Pigeon and children for the day, before work. Starting with self care has created a great foundation for my day.

Jie P.
1.Make your ways to Relax before sleep (bath, Foot spa, meditation, read books). 2.Sleep at the same time. 3. Naturally wake up without alarm.

Martin Z.
Get enough sleep every day (it may be more or less on some days – feel and trust your body). Darken the room, get some fresh air before bedtime, meditate, take a cold shower. Those are (in my experience) one of the best guidelines for great sleep (but dont worry if something wont work for you – just try another thing and see for yourself).

Vanessa T.
a good sleep and good vibes make me wake up in a better mood than usually. I have not to worry about things that only happen in my head or overthink things that. happened that day.

Breanna P.
Strangely, reading helps wake me up, but it’s after I have picked up the book and moved to a different room or location. I then have my breakfast along side my reading and drink my water with it. The routine of doing these three things helps me to wake up better and more productively.

Sun P.
I start with a 5 minutes music session followed by 15 minutes meditation at night. I imagine that I am in the bubble. A safe and peaceful bubble which will protect me from everything. After that 15 minutes, I imagine that the bubble dissolve into me and believing that I am protected, and filled with great things in me. I open my eyes and I started counting about things I am grateful for. After that, I write down my goals whether it be short term or long term. I believe in me that I will definitely make it one day and then go into bed. Before sleep, I explore my inner child's fictional little universe which have great things and daydream. When I wake up, I roll around a bit and daydream about great things coming to my way for a bit and then get out of bed slowly. Followed with the same gratitude, writing down goals, a stretch and a glass of water. Fresh to start a day.

Kassidy G.
I only let myself sit in bet for 5 mins after I wake up, no longer. I take my medication ,make coffee, brush my teeth and wash my face and then get dressed right away. getting ready right away helps you feel like you can’t go back to sleep.

Marty A.
I allow myself to wake up at any time I feel like. Usually I wake up at around 7 o'clock naturally, but today I woke up at 10 and didn't beat myself up about it.

Razan V.
Basically, when the alarm hits—> right in the same minute I would think of what i can do when I wake up and if I didn’t so here might be missing something. 1-wake up on time 2- little skin care to kinda focus on ur steps 3- little move body yoga for the morning

Rita S.
To wake up energized, I like to prepare the day before. I clean my room, take a warm shower, finish all my work so I don’t have to worry about it, and have a warm dinner. And then right before bed I like to script a little and then go to sleep. I try to avoid using my phone right before going to sleep.

Evangeline U.
i will wash my face and drink water because my throat is dry in the morning. i may also on the air conditioner because it is summer. thats all 😂

Ina Z.
I do/have this in order:
1. My last cup of coffee is no later than 3 pm
2. I eat a light dinner
3. I meditate before I sleep
4. I stick to a consistent sleep schedule of between 7-8 hours
5. My bedroom has curtains that filter in light that helps me wake up more naturally, as my body’s circadian rhythm knows it’s time to wake up
6. I take big, deep, cleansing breaths when I wake up
7. I drink a glass of water which is already on my nightstand as I placed it there the night before 🙂

Baldur T.
I go to sleep early. And when I wake up in the morning, the first thing that I do, is listen to chill or relaxing songs. Then I eat a great breakfast and my body is immediately full of energy.

Kaiya N.
For me, its the shock of cold. A drink of cold water and a splash of cold water on my face. If I still am having trouble, I have a quick shower on freeeeeezing, and then have breakfast and get one with it.

Savannah L.
I take 5 minutes to myself, to let my body know it's time to wake up and then I drink a bit water. Of course some day's I'm not energized but I'm trying to do my very best and accept the fact that I don't have to wake up motivated. Hope it helps 🙂

Magdalena O.
First of all I make sure to get enough sleep the night before. Then I start my day by drinking a glass of water. Also play some hyping music I like usually works too!

Jeremiah J.
I follow my routine. The difficult part is just getting started. Once I'm wearing my clothes to exercise, it's all uphill from there.

Seval N.
I wake up early for work (6.25 am) So first of all i try to go to bed before 11 pm (of course 8 hours of sleep is better). İn the morning i try to follow my routine on fabulous. cleaning my face and moustrizng it, Drinking water, exercising some yoga. İ know i should be far from my phone for better results. Sometimes i cant do my routine but İ try.. at least i can say that im certainly better at waking up when i first hear the alarm sound. At past, it was ringing for 3-4 times 🙂

Max E.
Go to sleep before 11 pm. With that I can easily wake up at the time I need. So I think it's the sleeping schedule for me.

Limar N.
If I'm energized then I'm happy so I'm going to get ready and do some chores and stuff and try to get away from my phone and then watchone of my fav series!

Amadis Q.
The night before i try to go to bed as early as possible and I also try to don't stay too much on my phone. When I wake up I eat a good breakfast and drink water

Kelly D.
I don't too much I just enjoy waking up and also before I sleep I think positively that the next morning I wake up early and whenever I wake up early or before 6 or 5:30 I feel energetic and also happy so when you are normally happy you feel energetic and if you do things enthusiastically they turn amazing

David Z.
Drink water as soon as you wake up, and turn on a light. Make sure whatever is covering you is as light as possible (if you have any extra blankets on, throw them off immediately). Then put on some music you know the words to. Saying or singing something aloud really helps you wake

Edgar Z.
Doing simple tasks like making my bed or cooking breakfast, or things that can make your body move around; is a great way to kickstart your day. Taking a short walk around your neighborhood is also a great way to give you energy.

Allie N.
If I wake up on my own, before my alarm, I try to get up then! I always brush my teeth and drink a glass of water when I wake up. Running through my plans for the day and making sure that I have things scheduled out helps energize me for my day. Usually, after breakfast (around 7am), I have an energy drink before I head to work, just to kick start my day! It also helps me to stay energized if I reflect on my day before!

Johnni C.
I get up out of bed immediately and go eat something delicious, a good mean always starts the day off good and some yoga to wake up ur muscles

Deviputri F.
First of all to feel energised after waking up drink atleast 2 glass of water and then you can do a little bit of exercise or you can even walk in sun rays to feel energised all day

Samantha N.
I take it as a chance to switch off! I think it’s good for our minds to get a chance to relax and absorb information via a different method. I have always loved reading and took on this challenge because I feel like I am watching too much rubbish on Netflix and prime. I have not had a tv for about 12 years and I have been severely visually impaired for the last 6. I already listened to radio 4’s book at bedtime, book of the week and dramas and it made the switch much easier. Then I discovered the RNIB’s giant print collection, and began to treasure books again like I did when I was a kid and teenager. I use goodreads to rate and review books and set myself challenges and keep track of what I have read and what I want to read, new authors etc. That makes you feel part of a community. You can also join online or real bookgroups

Pia E.
Honestly i don't know somedays i wake up with hyper energy and somedays i feel so tired and sleepy and dont feel like doing anything but I'm working on my sleeping schedule because I can't sleep at night .

Robin W.
You need to cover these two things: 1) get enough sleep, probably 8 hours+. This is not negotiable, you should prioritize sleep above EVERYTHING else, trust me from personal experience and based on all the studies out there. Now you need to get up within 5 minutes after your alarm, there is no reason to procrastinate, you already have slept enough. In the evening, you need to make sure you actually fall asleep at the time you want to, this means don't look at any screens within 1 hour before you go to bed, don't exercise that late, no coffee/tea etc. Also bring your mind into a relaxed mood through some stretching and meditation.
2) your mind needs to be in a relaxed state. This means you gotta journal in the evening to write down anything that is still occupying your mind and again, meditation will help. In the morning this means you gotta wake up to a nice alarm, I have recorded positive affirmations on my phone and set an alarm with Google clock and I basically wake up to myself saying positive and energizing thing, how cool is that!!! And then again, some stretching and meditation in the morning can help so much too.

Do these things and I promise you it WILL change your life. And you WILL wake up energized. Trust me. Good luck!

Guildo P.
Well first I’d make sure I get a good nights rest, so that means going to bed a good time. When I wake up first thing I do is tell myself I feel great and today is gonna be a great day, helps kinda stick that emotion in your head. Also first thing drink some water maybe put a water at the end of your bed before you sleep so is there when you wake up, but drinking water first thing when you wake up helps get your body going and running. Even making sure you eat breakfast everyday ! You might not feel energized at first but keep trying and doing these things and I feel like eventually you will start feeling more energetic.

Nice Q.
The most thing that gives me energy in the morning is sunshine. So, the first thing I do is open the curtains. Also, planning breakfast the night before gets me excited for the morning. Can’t go wrong with a delicious meal! Cleaning up the house the night before (tidying up and doing the dishes ) also helps me wake up energized- rather than waking up to have a mess to clean.

Laura Y.
I sleep about 8 hours and when I wake up I do not use the phone and get up. When I get up I tidy up my room and change in chlotes that is not pjamas. I wash my face and start working.

Elisson F.
I just sleep 6 hours every night so, I usually don't wake up very energized, I drink some water, brush my teeth and then I exercise for 40minutes and just after my exercises (cardio exercises mainly) I feel myself energized, after that I drink a good cup of coffee, eat breakfast and drink my matcha(chinese tea) after this ritual I feel prepared to run a marathon.

Nathan Y.
I drink water right away and if you keep telling yourself that you are energized it will help convince your body that you are wide awake

Ameena L.
Going to bed very early & making sure I release all the tensions & stress of that day before going to bed , either by drinking some tea or meditating with relaxing ambient music

Dani I.
Make sure you clean your room every day or morning or even if you want to you can do it at night and make your bed and make sure you have a alarm to wake you up if you want to wake up syper early,love you and great progress❤❤

Judith T.
In the morning, i like to go on a daily walk before school. After i do that, i take a nice shower. Then i fix breakfast. After breakfast, i grab my things and walk to my bus stop for school.

Daby Y.
Go to bed early
Drink water before going to bed.
Avoid starting my day with social media
Read affirmations to start my day

Rieman N.
If you want to wake up energized and not go back to sleep afterwards, you should first have a good nights sleep, keep light , sound & electronics out of your room, drink a glass of water before you go to bed and right after you wake up. After you drink water, make your bed so you won’t go back in it, and then move your body a bit, whether its yoga or walking or even a 2 minutes of random moves just to move all of your body and energize it, after that take a 5 minutes cold shower, you don’t necessarily have to wash your hair or body, just spending 5 minutes under running water is enough.. and last but not least, eat a nourishing breakfast, this is the most important part of the day! Take care🤍

Stephanie Y.
I have conditions that make me very tired but it’s not just what you do in the morning it’s what you do the night before x Stephanie

Megan U.
The night before I always try to meditate a bit and before going to sleep i always try to go out of social media and stay at least 30. min of them. i also think that living the window open at night helps me wake up and wake up good, because as soon as I open my eyes i see the light of the sun.

Charlotte S.
I like to play my feel- good music, music that makes me feel like the main character! I often pretend to be asleep and then “wake up” perfectly. I know it sounds silly but it makes me happy!

Janasia E.
The things I do to wake up energized is, I make sure I am getting an adequate amount of sleep. Good sleep is very important to making sure you are energized. I wake up and start my morning routine straight away because the less time I spend in bed, the less I am tempted to fall back asleep. These are some of the thing I do to wake up energized!

Laurie W.
I made a playlist if songs that I associate with being in a good mood or being active. After my alarm goes off and I do my stretching, I play this as part of my celebration even if it’s only for one song…I know it’s going to be something to perk me up on my way to get ready for work.

Franchesca Z.
I think the first and most vital step is to get enough sleep, recommend 8+ hours. This helps with your mood and energy levels. Also having a great breakfast (of the right foods) can help a great deal. And if you're a coffee lover like me – that can be a great addition!

Austin Gabriel O.
Hmmm. I know what worked for me one day. It was when I read an article one night about romanticizing your life. waking up each morning and making your life like a fairy tail, a story. And making the best of it. Leaving in the presence and appreciating everything in the moment rather than thinking of how much better it could be. And the next morning I remembered everything she said. And I practiced it and it was astonishing. Here’s the link to the article: https://www.juliabrunsphotography.com/single-post/2020/01/14/why-you-need-to-romanticize-your-life-in-2020

Manpreet F.
Do a foot massage before bed and spend a few minutes in gratitude.
One other favourite is, I request my pillow for a peaceful sleep and usually ask it to wake me up when it's time.

Pierre Z.
Waking up energised is the most important aspect in morning. For this, u have to make your night better with a proper night routine, disconnecting yourself from screen is a great way to start. Giving yourself positive affirmations can benifit achieve yout goals next day, you will feel excited. Make sure to have 7-8 hours of good sound sleep

H N.
I force myself out of bed to take care of my dog. I try to drink water when I first wake up. I eat breakfast to start the day ahead of me. I slack sometimes but I do try.

Jenn U.
I set my alarm for an hour before I actually have to get out of bed. I spent that hour waking up, journaling And maybe listening to some music to get me going. By the time I really have to get out of bed I am fully awake and ready for the day

Hana N.
i go to sleep as early as possible, i change my bedsheets every week, i shower regulary before i go to bed and i drink water right after i wake up

Daniel E.
I usually set my phone away from my bed instead of in my bed so when I’m my alarm goes off I can get up a little and turn it off. And I take a shower in the morning and that wakes me up a little.

Divyansh F.
I eat my dinner. Then brush teeths. I go to sleep after 30 minutes of dinner. Then I drink a drink a glass of water just before sleep. I sleeps at night at 22:00 and wake up at 6:30. Then I drink a or two glass of water to feel energise. I just take bath right after sometime. Then I take my breakfast. I only likes to bath with cold water. Because it makes our body feel more energised throughout the day. I eat my breakfast in half hour after wake up.

Shannah Z.
I set my alarm clock to a certain time so I can shower, Brush my teeth and get ready for the and stretch drink water. I eat breakfast , and drink water.

Daisy A.
Wake up early drink since coffee and a cup of bottle of water. Do some exercise and normally teen minutes later I am all energized

Ryan Z.
Whenever I wake up, I would do a little stretching and listen to music to wake my brain up. Eating breakfast is also a good idea to feel energized throughout the day, I would usually eat eggs and yogurt, and also eat fruits 🙂

Diether F.
to wake up energized, i wind down for at least 30 minutes before i go to sleep. once i wake up, i do a morning yoga stretch that i found on the discover tab in Fabulous. that helps me get my body to wake up, too.

Lukas S.
I do all sorts of things
I will run play with my dog I will make breakfast or just go back to bed since I like alot of 😴

Eliane C.
I try to go to bed a little bit earlier but I end up staying awake just lying there for an hour or so. This affects the mood I am in in the morning because I don’t get enough sleep. To try and feel energised I try to have breakfast but I don’t always end up having breakfast which isn’t good for me, I’ve heard this many times but I still don’t do it. This year I did start having showers in the morning and it does make me feel more refreshed and prepared for the school day but other than that I am always grumpy in the morning

Christian N.
I usually charge my phone in another room 1 h before sleeping cause of the beneficts of not facing a screen before sleeping,I do some exercises till 7 or 8 to feel weak and tired so I can releief for tomorrow and the last one is having calm music which can relax you a little bit(dont forget to turn off your lights after 8 pm so your eyes can get use to it) It was a pleasure helping you!

Rebecca G.
To be honest, I don’t know how to “wake up” energized. I’m always a bit sleepy :). However, I do know how to stack the odds in my favor to give myself the best chance to be energized after I wake up. The first thing is to get enough sleep. Give yourself at least 7-8 hours of rest each night. If you use an alarm clock, make sure it is out of reach, so that you have to wake up and move to turn it off. After waking up, drink some water before doing anything. Then, listen to some of your favorite songs (which is bound to put you in a good mood). Take a breather, reflect on your day, and if you have time, go outside. Do small things that make you happy, and they’ll fill you with energy for the day ahead.

Behrou N.
I tried all kinds of alarms, any laud alram, musical, even the type that you should solve a problem to dismissed!
But I woke up aggreeive ane anxious till the fabulous recemmended me gentle alarm. Know I got rid of all those alarms and only I use Gentle alarm it's fantastic and I wake up more energized and happy

Charlie N.
This may should weird but, act like it. Huh? What? All you have to do, is act like your energized tell yourself you energized even if your not. Don’t drink coffee (unless you’ll have withdraw symptoms) and then one day you’ll wake up energized.

Charlotte N.
Get enough sleep regularly. Exercise to cause physical tiredness, live an organised life so I’m not thinking of things I need to do or have not done. Write in my journal to release feelings. Gardening.

Caitlyn O.
i follow my routine – i drink water but then i lie in bed for a bit and think about all the things i am gonna do in the day and then i stretch

Victor J.
Go to bed early and calmly/with no rush – unplugging 30 or 60 mins before and reading in bed e.g.. Working out and stretching in the afternoon/evening. Basically, making sure i get good quality sleep. Also, visualising what I'll do the next day to be motivated – whwnever i have no idea what awaits me the next day, i tend to sleep in or drag in tje morning

Yasmine R.
I breathe as soon as I wake up (long breaths in-and-out), I usually take between 10 to 15 min to do so, and then I drink water.

Nino T.
I try to have at least 7 hours of sleep, i drink water imidiatley after i wake up, stretch and most importantly have a positive mindset

William C.
I try to get at least an long enough sleep and I try to get everything I need to do before hand, this makes me more comforted in the morning, knowing that I have the things I need to do done. Decorate your room with things that make you happy or calm or just things that give you positive vibes in general. This makes me more happy in the morning, seeing the things I love. Set an alarm that’s not too annoying but not too calming either, you need to wake up but you don’t need to be annoyed first thing in the morning. Cleaning your room or house at night before you sleep will make you feel more pleased, seeing that you already accomplished something and can get it off your mind. I hope this helps!

Madison O.
Well, I usually take a big gulp of water before I leave the bed officially. I then read the little sticky notes I have left all around my house. They are meant be motivational and give soft reminders to what I should do. Afterwards, I feel very refreshed and gain lots of motivation to take care of daily chores. When I'm doing my chores, that's when the energy seeps in, and I feel like I can take on the rest of day with a clean mind.

Alizee Z.
Drink water. Breath. Brush my teeth . Hot water. Take my morning tea. Chanting. Meditate.
Write some note. Reading….

Philip F.
I suggest keeping all distractions away (download Flora) or make sure the environment you study in is well. Also, try the Pomodoro Method or any work-rest-work method you want.

Wendy Y.
I try to get as much sleep as possible. Going to bed around 9 helps, also not looking at my phone or watching TV helps alot too. I even find that if I fall asleep listening to music, or more specifically books I dont feel as energized the next day.
In doing these things I wake around 7 without the help of an alarm. I still find that I spend a good 30 min laying in bed waking up though.

Alex Z.
I take it slow and steady at night I try not to have much contact with any source of blue light half of an hour before I go to sleep and I also go to bed early than I used to about 11pm to be specific

Clair F.
The very first thing I do is open the window let the light and fresh air in. Then I drink my glass of water on my nightstand and make my bed. This small task once done makes all the other morning tasks feel so much easier because you’ve already done one!

Franz Xaver X.
First thing I smile and telling me I'm beautiful strong and successful then I wash my face and doing my skin routine third coz of fabulous I start to drink water before any breakfast finally my vitamins and stretching to feel relax and energize…😀

Johanne E.
Have a good nights sleep which means try not to use a device in bed. Also just try hard to fet up and wash your face and listen to some high music and do some dancing 😂 hope this helps tho

S L Ne S.
Nothing, the truth is that i just don't wake up energized, but i have a trik to do things. A friend of mine tild me that when she is about to go out for a run she just don't want to, but she keep telling her slef "i don't want to" while she is putting on her shoes and keep warming up for a run.
The point is that no matter in which state you woke up, just do it.

Suzanna O.
I wake up with a thought that goes I am the type of person that likes to wake up early and start their day and then listen to my favourite music and dance to it.

Tristan U.
It depends. Sometimes I have a complete lack of energy or motivation and I have to force myself to get things done. Other times I wake up ready to take on the world.

Anurag O.
I am part of 5 am club. So instead of getting up at 5 I wake up at 4 and drink water and then do exercise and meditation for 1and half hr then I do my reading and journel for 1 1hr. And then I drinky tea and study my school work and then take a bath with cold water. And then do my skincare and then eat light breakfast and then sit for my online class.

Rita G.
I wake up slowly. Before getting out of bed, I stretch and also do some eye exercises. I slowly get out of bed and have a routine of going to the bathroom, drinking a glass of water that I have prepared the night before, having coffee and practice ten minutes of meditation.

Cecilia Q.
I try to go to bed early, and think that tomorrow is a new day. I set my phone to a routine that it plays music when I am awake 🙂

Bob R.
I go to bed earlier so my body is happy and full of energy and i also eat the right amount of foods needed to keep energy levels up.

Ewen T.
I don't remember the last time I woke up energized but all I know is I use my phone as soon as I wake up, so I don't fall asleep again.

Soraya C.
https://thefab.page.link/vdKrndrLfCknTj8ZAI don't have a nice sleep often getting sleep for 8 to 10 hours but when I get up I don't feel energized.Do you have any recommendations for me?

Natalia N.
Only thing that helps me is a short meditation before bedtime. Some people have a ritual for bedtime and for getting up. Stretching I understand will energise you. For me it's the drinking of cold water in the morning wakes me up and makes my stomach work harder long before breakfast.

Laly O.
Umm i wake up at the same time every day i will drink a cup of water then i splash some water on my face. This really helps. Then i will have breakfast and then do a short work out
I find this is the best start you could have instead of watching netflix all morning
I do sometimes watch somthing after i have fished this

Tobias Z.
I don't know how good it is for people's health in general, but for me, it usually helps me to feel energized if I use my phone, but I usually don't go straight to Instagram. I go to YouTube instead and play some rock music. If you find it hard to wake up in the morning, choose your favorite song for a morning alarm sound, you'll be more likely to wake up happy and energized! Also, I suggest you to drink some water (lemon juice can be added if you like it or if you need rehydration, but I personally do it to clear my skin and for weight loss). Some stretching might be good for you as well, but I suggest you to find what works best for you. Those are my suggestions, I don't know what exactly might work for you, but anything is worth a try.

Trajano F.
I go to sleep at a time that works for me. Rather early than late because I need a while before I actually fall asleep. I eat a healthy breakfast and drink at least one glass of water.

Speedy F.
As soon as I wake up I get out of bed. Even if I'm still feeling tired as I get up and start to get ready for the day I push through it. After a little while I realize that I'm almost completely awake and feeling good.

Stephanie S.
Thinking about exciting activities that i will do today. Or sometimes just thinking about how beautiful i will look with my dress that i already preparee last night make me feel energized. Plan something simple that you really like or even something new for the next day every night before sleep, make you wake up energized. Ex : wearing new outfit, going out with loved ones, redecorate bed room, baking a cake or cooking your favorite food, etc.

The key is : plan your day, will make you wake up energized. Have a lovely day for you.

Sarah T.
First I go to bed early where I know I will get a maximum of seven to eight hours sleep to wake up at the time that I normally wake in the mornings. I also try not to do a lot of work where I end up tired going to bed. I take like about an hour to just relax and ease my mind so, as I said before, I do not go to bed tired because if I go to bed tired and going to wake up tired and feel less energized to get up and get anything done so I try not to do a lot of work before going to bed I just use like an hour to just relax from the days work that I had done.

Amanda F.
In order to wake up energized I make sure I take my night meds at the same time or night tea so I'm not groggy from it in the AM. I ensure my sleeping area is comfortable, quiet, dark, and cool. My clothes are light and not constricting. I stretch a bit before bed, turn off/ silence my electronics. I try to quiet my thoughts and focus on the task of sleep and feeling better in the AM.

I play a guided meditation to ease into sleep. As soon as I wake up I drink water and take my meds. Even if it hurts I sit up and do an energizing breathing exercise. The house is usually cool so that chill wakes me up and gets me going

Hanna F.
I have M.E. and that means I will never wake up energized. I might wake up with a little more energy that right before I went to bed. But only charging to 20% at a good day make you understand that you have to take each day as it arrives. But getting enough sleep is important.

A J.
I try to go to bed about the same time each night. I spend the last 30 minutes before sleep disconnecting and decompressing. Then I turn the lights down and lay in the quiet until I drift off to sleep.

Eleanor P.
I'm almost never energetised in the morning or rarely ever. Sometimes I need to stop myself from sleeping in until noon or going to bed at six.

Abel T.
I've realised that doing my 3 first habits gets me energised. And it seems to carry over to the next morning. Waking up less tired the next day

Avery N.
I make sure I go to bed at a decent time so I can wake up fully energized and ready to start up my day. I function much better when I have a full night’s rest.

Rasmus B.
Ever since I’ve started Fabulous, water has gotten me going. I have even been excited to go to sleep and wake up to see what my next challenge will be, and that is insane! I drink water, wash my face and brush my teeth. Then I do meditation and light yoga and exercise. I finish with a healthy, easy breakfast, like eggs with yogurt. Afterward I listen to my daily coaching and write my to do list. Only then do I check my Facebook and email – I come first now. It has completely restructured my life!

L On Z.
I just think of each day as a new opportunity to live. It doesn't matter what happened or what will happen, all that matters is Now.

Vaibhavi T.
Wake up and see outside then go for a walk drink water then shower and eat healthy breakfast can be much better option to keep me energetic

Madjer E.
I think you have to know what your goal or something that you want to do , example when you are at work and you just tired, just thinking about your family, or your pet or doing something after you work , It will energized you.

Aya L.
First thing i tide my bed and clean up my room, then wash my face and brush my teeth,after that I meditate for 5 min. Sometimes I start reading or do 5 min exercise by dancing with listening to my favorite music. And good luck bro😘

Jonathan P.
When I wake up I take a moment to be thankful for the night I had, I stretch, drink water, wash my face, get myself together, and go exercise.

Julia R.
I do my night time routine right after I have dinner around 6 or 7pm that way I can relax and do what I want with the rest of the night without having to get up again I can just sink into my sleepiness and have a good night's rest around 9 or 10

Angel U.
I get myself organised the night before, I get a good and early night sleep, so when I wake up I know I’m prepared for the day ahead.
I also find meditating in the morning makes me feel more energetic, because I understand how I’m feeling x

Quirilo Q.
I brush my teeth, drink a glass of cold water then jump into the shower. I take my time in the shower and form a mentalbpicture of how I'd like my day to be. I picture myself accomplishing my tasks effectively and efficiently.

I then take my breakfast of sugarless coffee a sandwitched brownbread with peanut butter and margarine together with 1 boiled egg.

Carl C.
I've been listening to motivational speeches to get me out of bed. Then in the process, remind myself why I am attempting changes in my life.

Laurence T.
Personally, I first wash my hands and my face just with cold water. Then I drink a cup of hot water. I avoid social media before my breakfast.

Vicki J.
Drinking water first thing in the morning has helped me a lot!

Feel more energy to get up eventho I haven’t reach the workout morning routine yet.

But that’s my goal this week! Keep hydrated and focus in good nutrition

Angelina W.
I don’t have blinds that block out the sunlight so every morning I wake up to natural sunlight and my alarm is set to my favorite song so I wake up in a good mood. This app is also making me drink a glass of water when I wake up and it’s working really well

Francis U.
I go to sleep early, I use a quiet alarm that doesn’t scare me in the morning😂. I use smart wake on my watch which means the clock will ring between certain times, but chooses when I’m not deep sleeping to ring. I have a routine I like so I’m glad to wake up.

Ava Q.
Get in bed on time to have enought sleep AND have something to look forvard to in the morning.Ex. I get up at 4 am and i am looking forvard to cofee and having time for me and stretching. Good luck

Kyaw M.
Ok. I wake up happily when I go to bed early. Another is that when I finish all my tasks to do that day , I will wake up energized and please.

Amalie Y.
Morning prayers then learn my lesson before that in night i used to jolt down my next day to- do – list . Then get ready for my work . Having light but healthy breakfast filled with juice, porched egg , slice and tea. After i wake up i make a new routine to drink water

Chris U.
Try to get to bed early. But failing that, meditation before bed, dimming the lights, washing up. Melatonin also helps deepen my sleep.

Daniella P.
I turn off everuthing,my wifi,so i don't get messages,bluetooth,location,Literaly,everything.I usually like to play some music,but one with no words qnd really relaxing.I usually like to sleep with all my lights off,just with the moon's light.I suggest meditating before going to bef,and make sure that you didn't forget to do anything for tomorrow,maybe pack your bag for work or school.

Brent J.
Might be milk tea or green tea. But i am fasting so i just skip drinks that give me energy because at that time it’s already dark and need to get ready for bed and stuff but hot chocolate is a good option for night drink that get me motivated for study and get my homework done before sleep and doesn’t make me sleep late or having problems in sleep

Nicoline P.
I keep a routine to keep healthy, eat well, exercise and sleep. Keep up on self care and make even the smallest thing, something exciting to look forward to the next day. I’m excited to get up for a hot cup of coffee!

Elias X.
Do not snooze your alarm clock. Meditate even before stepping out of bed. Set your intentions for that day and be grateful.

Natalia N.
Drink water with electrolytes. Do STADY STATE cardio. No HIIT workouts. I will go for a walk or jump the rope if I don't have so much time. Give yourself 10min to remember your goals why you want to be there, ans what you are doing everyday to get there. Much love and good luck on your journey!!

Alva C.
Legend and Prodigy by Marie Lu (it’s a series)
Make sure you sleep enough, then always think a positive thought before moving on with the day. Do something that makes you happy, like dancing or watching a video or whatever.

Heather P.
I typically begin winding my day down around 8pm. I do my meditation and check off my Fabulous evening routine by 8:30pm. I then put my phone on the charger in a different room and settle into bed with a book and the window air conditioner on. By 10:30pm, I’ve removed my phone from the charger and have it switched to do not disturb. I place it on my dressing table on the opposite side of the bedroom so I’m not tempted to use it in bed. I then call it a night sometime between 10:30 and 11:30pm. I wake up naturally and feel pretty good if I slept well. My secret for feeling energized every morning and throughout the day…other than good sleep and excellent sleep habits is to remove caffeine from your life 💯 percent. Caffeine only weighs you down and dehydrates you. Don’t starve your brain of water.

Ovi X.
I try to sleep at least for 6-7 hours. I've realized when I sleep for 6-7 hours I fell way more active in the morning and if a sleep kate and wake up late I feel like I cant do anything. Another thing I do is to stretch once I wake up…it helps a lot.

Jicely E.
First i drink water and then i strech. When i am done with that i eat breakfest and meditate. Now i am ready for my amazing day.

Ketrina P.
Make it simple—chose a breakfast you don’t mind eating every day.

Mine is a smoothie and granola or toast and eggs. I try to take the guess work out of what I’m going to eat that makes it easier to do since no decisions are needed.

Arya Q.
shower, eat and drink… i think of the day ahead, think of all the things i want to do for the day and know that everything good comes after an anxious wait and fight

Eleanor C.
When I stretch my body as soon as I jump out of bed I feel a lot better. To feel the energy’s growth i open the windows in my room and go out to stand in the sunlight just after washing my face.

Cristin N.
I try to meditate at night so I sleep better. Not eating before going to sleep helps a lot and, above all, smiling when you wake up makes your day beautiful.

Britta Y.
I place a full water bottle beside my bed in the evening to drink in the morning, and since I personally feel a connection with certain crystals and rocks and believe they serve a positive use in my life, every morning I put on my Tiger’s Eye crystal bracelet which I feel is a cue to energize me for the day ahead.

Melvin P.
There are a lot of things to do to wake up energized. First of all, considering that in the morning you are more productive according to scientists, as soon as you wake up, drink water. This can help your brain and other organs of your body to operate faster and more properly. After that, you could go and make your favorite breakfast in order to be motivated and energized.

Nayana T.
I chug a glass of water right when I wake up and make sure it’s cold and that just gives me an energy boost and I try to get direct sunlight as direct light really just wakes me up

Charlotte U.
I try to fall asleep early, and wake up earlier than usual. this may be different for me, but try to drink lots of water before sleeping and this lets me fall asleep early.

Silvina Q.
You can do child’s pose or cat and cow how to do that is when you are breathing in you do cat witch is curving your back up and pushing you head down slightly and when your exhaling you go into the cow pose push your belly towards the ground while lifting your head up and looking to the sky

Nth Y.
the moment i open my eyes is the moment i already reflect on myself did i got a good night sleep then i go drink my water en brush my theet. cleans out my face wash my hands and im ready to go on …

Matusal M P.
Taking a cold shower helps in accelerating the blood circulation and give energy, also not grabbing your phone in the morning helps a lot. And of course a deep sleep the night before. Not thinking of what I have to do and thinking for what I am going to do for myself is a good motivation for me.

Paola M.
Have an early dinner, read or do a relax activity before going to bed, have my beauty night routine and turn off any distractions. Then I go to bed and sleep as a baby.

Jamie Y.
I sleep early and wake up early and sleep more than 7 hours. It's better to sleep at night early and stay away from using phone since it is harmful for eyes, etc…

Soggy F.
Go to sleep early. Get out of bed without looking at my phone. Turn lights on automatically before I wake up. Read before bed. Don’t drink water before bed.

Anna N.
Uninterrupted sleep really is the way. I suggest you do the Better sleep Journey if you haven't already – "darker,quieter , cooler" and most mornings I wake up by myself just before the alarm, and I don't feel groggy at all

Josie I.
I feel if before I go to sleep if I exercised and I did a lot I didn’t just sit in bed for a few days I wake up energized and well rested.

Jasmine E.
If you want to wake up energized, than drink water, look around and then exercise for a minute. Maybe this will help you.

Gilberto N.
Honestly drinking water really wakes me up of a morning and it’s best to wake up earlier and plan your day out the night before hand so you will be motivated in the morning.

Jamie B.
i drink water and stretch in bed. when i feel like the laziness is taking over, i think about all the activities that i could do. like practicing my violin, dancing, working out etc.

Regina X.
Most of the time music in the morning after waking up makes me energized. I just playing my favorite playlist:)
Also I will try to think how I can make my day greater than yesterday?
On the other hand, motivation is also effective

Renata I.
Before night sleep i listen to positive affirmations. I go sleep earlier. In a day i try to make as much good work as i can to stay positive and proud of myself. This good feeling gives good energy also for next day.

Barbara J.
The most important thing that keeps me energized in the morning is getting a good night sleep. I love to drink Cold ice water first thing in the morning.

Victoria C.
I am trying to sleep a lot the previous night and wake up early. I wash my face, dk my face care routine and then eat breakfast. Even if its small. And always drink water. <33