How do you fall asleep when you don’t feel tired

Leonard U.
What always helps is to switch off any device si you won't have a distraction. Then close your eyes and reflect on your day and get into a comfortable position. Take long deep breathes and clear your mind and you will start to drift off.
Hope this helps😊
Frederikke Z.
I like to take time to fall asleep sometimes if I feel like I'm rushing or forcing it sleep won't come .. so take time for yourself to darken your room ,switch off your devices and do either some meditation the sleep space one is great you can find it in the fabulous app and also listen to bedtime stories they help as well, its nice to make time for yourself at bed time it feels great !
Martin F.
Thank you for your question. I like to journal while I drink tea. Sometimes my mind may be racing with thoughts that go unanswered. The best for me is to not answer them just allowing the thought to drop into my mind and see where it takes me. Journaling is the best way for me to reach an action of acceptance. I also may use sleep meditation or binary beats if I’m still having difficulty sleeping. Of course my evening routine includes being grateful, darkening and cooling my room, turning off my phone 30 mins before I meditate in the shower and get into bed. Thank you for letting me share.
Kay N.
I get in bed and consciously relax my body. There are times I didn’t even realize I was tensing up a particular muscle group (jaw). For myself, the next step is putting on a sleep mask and letting my vision go blank. I must be a visual thinking because when my vision is blank so are my thoughts.
Joann S.
I would make myself a tea, and/or meditate to make the body calm+tired. Also I can recommend cooling the room down a bit. About 16 degrees is comfortable. Definitely put your devices away at least 15 Minutes before going to bed. Make the room really dark and quiet.
Noah P.
I lay in the dark, make sure I am comfortable and think of things that make me happy and calm. I don't try to focus my thoughts and enter a meditative state. Guided meditation can help, as well as taking melatonin a few hours before bed. I also reduce blue light exposure hours before I want to go to sleep.