What sleep routine thing do you use to wind down? I tried baths and I love them but it seems mad to take one every night.

Anna Maria N.
I don’t really use anything to wind down other than calming music or sounds from this app. But after I shower every night, my body knows it’s time to sleep. I also put my phone away and write in my gratitude journal and read the Bible, that helps me wind down too.
Magret U.
When wind down I disconnect myself from my phone and computer. I wash my face thoroughly, prepare myself a tea and read a book.
Gabi P.
I turn on my ceiling fan & portable fan to keep my room cool at night. I use some lavender hand cream because the scent is super relaxing. Then I take some melatonin gummies and use a color by number app on my phone. My phone has two blue light blockers so it doesn't keep me up. In about 30 minutes, I'm fast asleep.