Do you sleep with pets in the bed?

Lily F.
Occasionally, I love having my boys in bed with me but they most often like to sleep in their own beds. They do often cuddle me when I have a nap and it is my happy place.
Analyce C.
I always do, I share my queen bed with 3 dogs! They are trained to sleep in their designated spots so nobody gets in my space and disturbs my sleep. I’ve slept with my dogs since I was 14. There are certain circumstances when I kick them out. For example, when I’m sick so I can sleep with no potential distraction and to avoid additional allergens they may have picked up. Or, if one of them is dirty so I keep my bed clean. And if one of them is being straight up restless, they have to go to their bed in the other room.
Laura G.
I don't. Only because I don't have any pets. If I had a pet I guess depending on what kind of pet it is that would determine if it slept with me or not.