i am having some trouble waking up early in the morning… any tips?

Quiliano N.
i normally have to wake up at 6am every weekday for school so my 'internal clock' automatically wakes me up really early, even on weekends. i think using an alarm is a good start and if that is too much for you, try sleeping early the night before (like at 7 or 8pm) then your internal clock will wake you up early the next day. Good luck!!😊
Isabelle F.
Go to bed early, get a good night's sleep. Turn off your phone before going to bed. Finally, drink water when you wake up. Set a consistent routine.
Aya Z.
Put ur phone far from ur bad .
Write a to do list with ur favorite activities in order to be motivated abt waking up early.
Tell yourself in the night before u sleep that u’re gonna wake up early with plenty of energy and with time I’ll reach ur goal and even u won’t need an alarm to wake up .
Good luck
Andre J.
Set out your clothes the night before, prep your meal the night before, have an extra alarm. And most important: prepare a funny or heartwarming video that will put you in a good mood (favorite show clip, a good music video, or even a peronal video). It has to be a video, though, because it's duration will wake you up gradually – rather than you just trying to shock yourself awake with just an alarm.
Nadiyya Y.
Go to bed 30-1 hour than you normally go to bed. Drink so tea. Mediation and yoga helps a lot. Don’t eat before bed it can give you heartburn also don’t go on electronics an hour before bed. Also set a couple alarms to keep you awake and reading and water helps you stay awake. Those are my tips.