What’d the longest time you’ve spent without rest or sleep? Also what are some things you do to rest rather than sleep?

Josilene Q.
I’ve went without sleep for about 30 hours I think. In Japan, while I was too excited for my flight and then the day was a long one. I sleept amazingly after though. I like to listen to asmr and daydream to rest.
Tami A.
I’m not really sure the length, not more than a day. I try my best to keep my bedroom cooler at night, around 68F, use a sleep mask to block out the light, and play ambient sounds to block out street traffic noise because I live on a busy street. I sometimes do mild yoga stretching before bed, read, and drink a hot glass of tea. If I get really out of my regular sleep routine and feel like I’m lacking proper sleep, I will take a sleep supplement, like saint johns worth or valerian.
Kim U.
I’ve gone several days before and it never ends well when I do. Hot bath with epson salt and relaxing music can sometimes help. I also crochet.
Irina P.
The longest that I ever went without any rest was for around 12 hours. It was a really long day. When I want to rest, but not sleep I take a long bath
Unholier G.
The longest time I've spent without speep is pribavly about 70 hours. Personally, I play subliminials and just lay down in a dark room.
Victor U.
I forgot but maybe i was not sleep when in college for do my assignment like so many times. Rather than sleep i just sitting and doing nothing.
Mohan N.
For rest I meditate everyday. It helps get rid of stress for me. Https://wemeditate.co check this out and you can also do at your home. Other than that I am trying electronic detox an hour before sleeping. Warm shower, cool down the room and light music for 10 min And 15 min meditation or so. It’s beautiful experience
Jennifer N.
Roughly 53 hours.

Relaxing things such as reading or following stories, I take a long time to relax so I should try to wind down much earlier when possible

Rachel F.
48 hours and I usually drink coffee or try and watch a show and I give myself a certain amount of time to do so then I get back up again.
Heather T.
It’s funny you should ask that, because for about 2 1/2 weeks of not sleeping, because me husband has got a pinched nerve; degenerative arthritis.
He snores really bad, so my earplugs didn’t work, and he bought me some different ones, I’ve slept the best since.
Read my bible, study my Morning Church Class Lesson for Sunday morning. Also, I love to play video games, and watch movies.
Tag G.
I've pulled the occasional all-nighter. I had a friend who tried the crazy Leonardo DaVinci sleep plan (search online). It failed him or he failed it.

To keep going when I've needed to work on past the point of sleep I would do the Thomas Edison trick. He apparently slept on his workbench with a tin cup in his hand holding it over the floor. When he relaxed enough to deep sleep he’d instinctively let go of the cup and the noise on the floor woke him up. I've done similar things holding a book over the floor while sitting on a sofa.

Claire S.
To be truthfully honest , I don’t remember when was the last time I truly had real relaxation or good sleep , but recently I started swimming and I highly recommend for all health benefits and every other issue whether it’s insomnia , or lack of appetite , or weight loss or whatever else . Definitely helps me feel and look better and with everything else I been having trouble with . That and also valerian helps me relax valerian capsules and sweet dreams tea not just for sleep but also helps to calm you as well as epsom salt eucalyptus or lavender bubble baths before bed , oatmeal with bananas and cinnamon , helps you relax . Also, I think something pleasant that you really enjoy like ice cream , brings mood up ice cream with bananas , low carb ice cream ./Safeway brand.
Emma X.
When I was 17 (decade ago now) I didn’t sleep properly for a few months; I’d stay awake for three days or so and then sleep for a whole day. I felt and looked terrible and couldn’t think properly. I got out of that period by exercising, running in the morning or sport in the afternoon which helped a lot mentally and also tired me out in the evenings so I couldn’t help but sleep. It’s so bad for you not to sleep; I read recently something that happens to everyone: plaque building up in your brain every day which is washed out when you sleep, but if you don’t get enough and long enough sleep not all of it is removed and it builds up and stays there, highly possibly leading to Alzheimer’s. Look it up 👍
Darlene J.
I have gone 36 hours without sleep. I was cramming for finals week and had to push through the entire day. I generally don't rest per se, I either lie around on my phone or sleep proper.
Riley S.
The longest I've gone without sleep was just over 24hours. I usually rest by laying down and thinking. Or I stretch out my limbs.