How can I sleep if I’m not sleepy?

Julienne C.
Don’t try to sleep, it cannot be forced. Your only task is to do the next step in slowing down. Dim the lights a little, move a little slower, breathe a bit more deeply then gently, have a hot drink or listen to music or cuddle a blanket or stretch – anything you find soothing and don’t worry about the sleep if you are not yet ready for it. IfYou are angry or wired or cannot slow down, find a distraction – something you do that can hold your focus – a game a book. Then when ready, slow down. Wait for the wave, your job is to be ready for it when it dies come – not to will it into existence. And if still no wave to be found, then take solace in rest. One does not have to sleep to rest. One can get through another day even without sleep. You might prefer a good nights sleep, but you will be ok with just some rest. Take the pressure off. You must be dealing with a lot; maybe emotions, maybe thoughts – the night hours can be yours to process these thoughts to deal with these feelings, maybe that is why sleep is waiting. It will be ok.
Katie N.
I have that problem too. I’m usually so sleepy during the day and can’t fall asleep at night when I’m “supposed to”. When I can’t seem to fall asleep and it’s starting to get late, I still follow my routines to get ready for bed and spend some time laying down and unwinding. Rather than scroll on my phone, I’ll turn on some calming music or listen to a sleep meditation. Sometimes I’ll turn on an audiobook to one of my favorite stories (that I already know the ending of) as a way to quiet my mind without wanting to stay up later to figure out what happens next. I’m starting to play certain music (like a Disney piano album) only when it’s time to sleep so that my mind can get into the routine that when that song/album starts it’s time to settle down. If none of that works and I find myself awake after 30-40 minutes, I’ll take an OTC sleep aid. I usually only take half the recommended dose because I just need it to fall asleep, not stay asleep.
Meagan N.
Honestly, I smoke a little one, and go to the meditation, and go to full body scan, if that doesnt work I also do the deep sleep.