How do you get yourself to feel good about early mornings?

Rebecca A.
By making your bed. Starting your day with an accomplishment set the tone for the rest of the day. Also watching the sunrise is very rewarding.
Irina A.
Pick something, anything, I’m excited about that day and focus on it while getting ready. If I can’t think of one, I create one!
Iris F.
I'm thinking what to eat for breakfast. And make time and a small routine while preparing and eating it. Also I really do love to see the morning sun. I'm playing some goodmorning songs and dance to start my day
Lindsey Q.
Fake it till you make it is my new thing. When someone asks you how are you doing instead of saying "I'm tired, I have a headache, etc. " I say "terrific!" And eventually I start to feel happier and better about whatever is happening. Hope this helps
Adam Q.
Best thing is to make sure you get to bed at a good time so that you will feel rested. Get up right away when your alarm goes off and hop in the shower. 🙂
Maren G.
I'm not a morning person perhaps a night owl. It wasn't easy but i told myself i have to start a healthy habit. I prioritized my goals. Negative effects are skipping breakfast (it's the most important meal of your day), it can make you fat and your muscles weak, You'll wake up feeling like sh8t and unworthy. On the other hand positive sides are you'll feel accomplished and motivated as you have more time to think about something or start new things. Here's a trick for you 😉 treat yourself when you wake up early.. I mean eat something favorite of yours it will leave a positive mind set. English isn't my first language so apologies for any mistakes and if i didn't make any sense.
Skye U.
I try to have something to look forward to early in the morning. Not a errand I need to run or trying to remember to do something, I mean rewards like a plan to get breakfast with friends or doing something fun. On days I have to work I need to get better at practicing what I preach but I try and do the little things. Wake up a little earlier to get my favorite coffee or wash my car, maybe even run through a drive through and get breakfast for the road.
Thomas S.
Go to sleep early. Have everything prepared for the next day. Don't drink or eat late. Sleep well, if I can for a few days in succession. Have something to look forward to.
Kelsey C.
Commit to getting up even earlier than that thing you HAVE to do by adding in a thing you WANT to do. I never had trouble waking up to try out my new video game or open Christmas presents as a kid. Now as an adult, waking up to have my coffee in peace and read an exciting novel or plan my garden is motivating. This only works if you go to bed on time! My bedtime is 9:30 for a 4:30 wakeup. I have small children awake by 7 so instead of staying up late for my alone time after an exhausting day, I listen to my body and just go to sleep as soon as the chores are done. Then I get to have my alone time after I am refreshed by sleep. But I have to say "no" a lot to all of the people and tasks tempting me to stay up late. I've tried that and it's just not worth it on a regular basis. I only stay up for special events now like family gatherings, outings with my girlfriends, and holidays but I try to limit those to once every week or two!
Selena P.
I'll get to get done so much more that I've been wanting to or need to. Yae!! Then sooner me time or something i want to do