How do you balance conflicting goals? E.g. working, exercising, cooking healthy meals and keeping the house clean and tidy against going to bed earlier and getting 8 hours sleep each night?

Alayzhia Q.
I find it best to prioritize my goals. What really needs to be done today and what can wait.Sometimes we just can’t manage it all and that’s okay.Hope this helped
Julian E.
Baby steps to get the noodle going I have some routines already do everyday. So this is like reminders set up since I do not have my boards on the wall and what not. I have dry erase calendar and regular one plus cork board for my vision boards. What can I say I have a knack for this stuff.🤗 All it takes is 15 min 3times a day. Plus morning and night routines I followed through she is awesome and makes each day fun
Marie Therese E.
That’s a tricky question. Time management is important. If you break down your day hour by hour you actually do have enough time if you plan ahead. Try switching the order of some tasks. Can you, for example, do some meal prep on weekends or in the morning. Cook double amounts on the weekends to eat during the week. Exercise at lunch time or on the way home from work?