How can you begin to start relaxing when your restless?

Simon F.
I’d suggest firstly taking yourself away from things which you find ‘stimulating’. Anything annoying, distracting, stressful – anything which demands your attention. Remove those things or remove yourself to a place of relative peace.

Be comfortable: warm, sit or lie down.

Think nice thoughts. Or don’t think at all!

For me gentle music helps. The internet has plenty of it. iTunes or Spotify can suggest various types of music such as ambient, or world music.

Of course it’s up to you how you relax, these are just general tips which I find useful.

Take it easy!

Goele A.
I usually just make myself tea, put on some relaxing music, and sit down and breathe. There are a lot of things on my mind, and you should acknowledge them. But then you have to move on from them and try to just focus on your breathing. Imagining a peaceful place like a beach, forest or maybe a lake could help you.
Julie S.
Yoga could be a great way to start! It's an active relaxation method. It will stretch your body, but through the breathing technique you will relax. The breathing technique is key to the relaxation part ☺️