How to you change your sleep schedule and make yourself go to sleep earlier?

Rebecca W.
I go to bed on time, dim the lights, wear comfortable pyjamas, listen to a fiction book. It also helps that my wake up light can shut the light in an hour so it gradually becomes darker. I have something by my bedside to write down any important thoughts that come up. And most important is that I'm not to harsh on myself when my mind refuses to shut down and fall a sleep.
Kylie B.
enable screen time on your phone. set a goal to go to bed earlier every day, even just five minutes, make your way towards that beloved early bedtime! you got this! i believe in you and you should believe in yourself!
Andy O.
Do the tech switch off couple of hours before bedtime. No reading or games in bed. Go to sleep. I heard that if you can't get to sleep in 20 minutes get up. Do something really boring. If TV then only something naff. Back to bed. If can't sleep in 20 mins repeat process
Jonas C.
Do some sport activities that's would make me feel more tired and let me fall asleep earlier also no more than one TV show in the evening
Sherrie L.
I start doing a shut down two hours before bed so i can get to bed early. I wear make up wash it off put night clothes on early . I get ready mentally.
Ernest U.
I have a morning routine that I enjoy, and it means that I need to wake up at a specific time to do it all. So I tell myself that I need to sleep early enough to do my morning routine. And I have an alarm that plays my wind-down playlist at 11 pm.
Catherine N.
Aside from making the decision to shift your sleep schedule and every day recommitting to that decision, I don't know a way. Just as with the small habits we are building in Fabulous, I recommend shifting incrementally: shift your bedtime earlier a little each day (15 – 20 -30 minutes earlier) each day or every few days.
Silje C.
Setting my phone to enable black background and amber screen tint at sunset force me to put my phone down earlier and remind me to prepare for bed.