What’s a good method of beating tiredness that doesn’t involve caffeine?

D Cimo A.
Allow yourself enough sleep. Some people need 7 hours , some need 9. My perfect number is 8 hours and I religiously calculate what time I need to go to bed at for me to have those 8 hours. I kick my friends out on time and I don’t start any movies if they will run too late. I had clinical depression, getting sufficient sleep without sleeping too much (!) really helped pick myself up again. My digestive system is happy I don’t have headaches in the morning, my mood is good, my skin is much better and people guess me 5 years younger than I am.

If for some reason you just didn’t get enough sleep one night and you have to get up early and you’re dying, I recommend doing 5 yoga sun salutations starting slow and speeding up as you go. I feel it warms up my core and gets my body pumping and ready to go. It also clears my head.

Rachel L.
Drink more water, meditate and or take a short nap (10-30 minutes). Meditation has been shown to have similar rejuvenating benefits to sleep.
Apostolos Q.
Meditation, Its a storm reliever. It helps calm me down. If you decide to meditate, start small. At first, your thoughts will keep getting in the way.

When this happens, notice with compassion and slowly bring your attention back to your breath.

Keep breathing.

Dylan Y.
Excersize. After i excersize i always get that feeling of energy to get me through the day. Eating healthy is also a great way to feel light and energetic. If you dont have those suguars and toxins in your system weighing you down all the time you will feel light and energitic.☺😇😚😍😚🙄😚🙂😚🤗😊🙄😋😘