How do you get your mind to stop racing at night?

Rachel L.
Practice meditation. If my mind is especially restless, I practice a transcendental meditation technique where you pick a nonsensical word you can't associate with anything like "gra" and say it over and over until your mind stops trying to break in with thought. If that doesnt work I sing the word in my head and that never fails to stop my mind from thinking and soon boredom and peace comes.
Sarae F.
Write down everything that is on my mind. Create a plan to complete a few things the next day to alleviate the stress. Put the list away. Be thankful for 3 things. Aromatherapy. Meditate/ calming music. Yoga with Adrienne
Aubree Z.
I journal esp if it's bad memories. I also write down what is bothering me and make an action plan for dealing with it if possible. I also use breathing techniques like holding my breathe as long as possible to slow down my racing heart. Try yoga and calming teas like chamomile. Magnesium also helps. Develop a ritual for dealing with it and eventually just starting the ritual will help calm you down.
Frithjof C.
Practice deep breathing, journaling all the crazy thoughts, yoga, and guided sleep meditation on particularly rough nights!