What’s the best way to avoid nighttime awakenings???

Thos A.
May not work for you… but for me:
– Keep it really dark, quiet and cool
– Drink plenty early in the evening, not much later
– Empty your mind: write a list of everything that you're thinking about, decide whether anything is so urgent it can't wait until tomorrow (pretty rarely, in my case)
– Try binaural beats. I like Ennora, but there are lots, including free apps
– Are you breathing freely through your nose? If not, try a saline spray like Sterimar
– If you don't fall asleep after 20 minutes, use your time to meditate instead – you may find it easier to fall asleep afterwards, and if not, then it was time well spent 😀
If any of these help, please tell someone else! And if the problem is serious, check out Matthew Walker on sleep – loads of good ideas there. Hope this helps!
— Thos
Delani Q.
From personal experience with the same issue, focus on a healthy consistent lifestyle (especially night time) and patience. If this is something that you regularly struggle with, be patient and try to get used to a decent bed time and avoid evening activities that effect your sleep cycles.
Vit Lio Q.
Maybe block out all the noise with calming night forest sounds so if he or she tries to wake you up you can sleep through it!
Joshua Z.
Powerwalks 30 minutes a day at least, a the same time everyday. Spend at least two hours in broad daylight to accelerate you melatonin hormones that keep you sleeping real deep through the night. Never give up. Just keep walking. After one week you should sleep like a baby. If you don't intensify you treatment by walking real fast for 60 minutes a day. You will get you baby sleep back.