How do you budget your time to find that you can go to sleep without needing to complete important tasks around bedtime?

Not well. Haven't established a rythem yet do to being in recovery mode & not expecting much change soon. For instance 2nite I cooked prepped for 2morrow,rinsed&soaked dishes BUT will awaken to have dishes to wash. I've required a Home Health Care Aide since 2014, & do to covid-19 risk gave her the whole week off. She has other clients also & getting sick is too risky for me. So this week doing all myself, but being patient with me too.
Casey Z.
If you're working within the app, there's (eventually) an evening and afternoon option. I was confused at first too.
Save bedtime tasks for what you would do, if you've checked your whole to-do list, for what you do between saying 'I'm headed to bed'and closing your eyes.
I just have teeth stuff and relaxation stuff, only takes a few minutes before bed.
Hope that helps 🙂
Rico N.
I often can’t sleep just due to the complications of having a neurological illness but when I can, very little can stop me. Narcolepsy is very often an issue with MS and when it kicks you nothing is going to stop it. So then, I sleep. Heavy. Hard. Well. It’s heaven.
Michelle X.
I feel that if the task was truly important I would have focused on it during the day. If I started it but didn’t complete it the. I simply make note of what’s next and resolve to get further along the next day. I find it helps that before bed I do a “brain dump” into my journal. This way if my mind is playing tricks on me I’ve emptied it to paper. Then it’s easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. The next morning I go back to the task I didn’t complete or if that’s done then I look at my brain dump pick one thing and get that done. Sometimes I play games and set a timer for 15 minutes and say ok do as much as I can then stop. I find that to my surprise I get sometimes 3 things done in the 15 minutes. Then I realize how much my brain made that thing bigger than it really was.
Francoise J.
I budget my time by cutting out on social media, or watching movies which bakes me to focus on the tasks that are at hand. I’ll get as much done as possible, or start on it at hand so when I’m exhausted I can pick it up the next day where I left of at so I can complete it with accuracy.
Ismael F.
Currently I don't manage my time very well before going to bed. I have written a routine but I don't follow it closely. When Miya goes to bed it is sometimes late and Emilie and I take a little time to have a rest. But having a rest should be better at bed, not by chilling on the sofa
Justine P.
If I have important tasks I do them first thing in the morning. I don't really have a set schedule. We tend to handle things as they come.
Samantha N.
I always make lists and agendas to keep myself organized. When I have completed my to do list , I feel comfortable going to bed. I strongly urge to have a maximum of 7-8 on your to do list each day. If you see yourself needed to do more, you are overworking yourself and need to restrategize.
Franti Ek X.
I'm working since 6am, so the most important things I wanna finish by the lunch time (12am), I ideally finish work by 5pm, dinner is at 6pm and at 7pm I completely disconnect off the internet (PC and phone). After dinner I have something more important than work – bathing and getting to sleep my 1 year old son. I usually don't email before the lunch.
Marius P.
I guess the best I can do is start the day knowing what I need to get done and making sure the high priority tasks are early enough in the day that if something comes up or something takes longer, then I can still be done in time. I think the other important factor is that I need to recognize that I will always have items on my to-do list but that doesn’t mean they have to get done right now. It’s important to mark ahead of time when is it okay to stop for the day. If you get more done awesome, but if that’s where you get to, you’re good.
Rh P.
I set a reminder one hour before bedtime so When the reminder goes off I know I have to put down anything at hand and start with the chores to prepare for bedtime.

Besides the reminder, I usually plan my evening time three hours before bedtime to avoid things come up unexpectedly around bedtime and may delay sleep to a later hour.