Why do I still feel groggy when I wake up in the morning?

Jai F.
There could be many reasons, not enough sleep, too much caffeine or alcohol late at night, too much sugar, over stimulated before you sleep. Lack of water.
Alanis Z.
This could be for multiple reasons. Here are some tips that I found useful(btw I’m not a professional so don’t take it as gospel):

– You are being woken up in the middle of your cycle. As we sleep we go through cycle stages of light and deep sleep. If you are woken up, say by an alarm in the middle of a cycle, you won’t feel too good afterward. There are loads of apps that can help you track your sleep cycle so maybe one would work for you?

– The position you sleep in is not good. If your head is too elevated in relation to the rest of your body you are likely to snore, which interrupts your sleep. The optimal sleeping position is on your side with your head in line with the rest of your body. To achieve this, I found it useful to sleep with no pillows at all or just one fairly flat one so I’m not crushing my arm as I lean on it.

– You’re not getting enough sleep. So go to bed earlier.

These tips and suggestions really helped me. So I hope they can help you!

Larissa P.
My answer to that is we are all human and we won’t feel instantly awake when we get up in the morning. That is why fabulous is trying to help us and give us tips to help us feel more awake sooner in the morning. If you do these things they are advising you to do you will gradually feel awl Ake sooner and your body will adjust to the new routines.
Karolina N.
You may feel tired because of the lack of sleep you had or your body not used to so much hours of sleep I was like it a d now my body got used to it and knows my routine it was hard not going to lie but after I got used to it I felt great
Malthe G.
For me, feeling lethargic and groggy in the morning is linked to my mental health. If you have a low mood or any anxiety or stress, this can make you feel exhausted and groggy, even after a good sleep. Depression/anxiety can be worse in the morning.
Cameron Z.
It happens to the best of us. Just quickly jump into a shower 🚿 ASAP to counter the early morning blues. Hot 🥵 cold 🥶 works well
Rea G.
I feel groggy in the morning if I ate too late or hydrated too little. Reading or meditating instead of watching tv before bed is a great way to ensure a zero-groggyness morning for myself.
Vicky Q.
I don’t know but I would like to learn how to get a greAt start to the morning. I’m kind of groggy and irritated. Only a few times in my life have I jumped out of bed exuberant and raring to go. Any secrets to share??
Orange W.
Usually feeling groggy means you have slept too long or not long enough. Some people actually do better with less sleep! I use an app that records my movements while I sleep and uses that to judge the best time (within my nominated wakeup time) to wake me up. That is it wakes me up (alarms) when I'm not in a deep sleep, but when I'm closer to being awake anyway. It's a lot more natural for our bodies to wake up by themselves, but obviously we can't do that when we have somewhere to be!