is it normal to feel pressured to fall asleep after completing habits? sometimes i kind of stress out a little bit after completing my habits because i feel pressured to go to sleep right away. will this go away after a while?

Charlotte Z.
In my experience while using this app is that you downloaded this app because you felt like your sleeping habits work good for you wanted to feel better about yourself or it could have just been a personal matter but I do think it would be a good idea to fall asleep after completing all of your habits and if you feel pressured try to stop for a little bit and you can come back and try it again when you feel better.

Charlotte Teves

Hiba N.
This happens! it's completely normal. The more often you do these habits the more you'll get used to it and feel that it's normal to go to sleep at the certain time!! Just breathe and follow your routine in a flow with lots of breaks in between!!

Jovito G.
That is normal! I have it often. It seems that sleeping is a task for you so make sure to take a break. Finish your daily habits, grt ready for bed and then do something relaxing loke reading or watching TV. Then, go to bed.