How do you follow a good routine when I am constantly staying up to do homework and I have to be somewhere early in the morning so I can’t do it then either. It takes me especially long when I get stuck and don’t get something.

Tag G.
Seems like you’re not leaving enough time for homework. Cut something else out of your schedule to create more homework time.
Wilfriede U.
Most of the time I just Make a conscious effort . Which in fact is my routine . Before I never paid any attention to my self , I worried about all the other aspect of my life which caused me to burn out . From that I started to focus on me and what I needed as a person before being a mother and a wife . Selfish right ?! But in actual fact no , it isn’t selfish to take care of you so that you can do everything else that you do I your life . Just adjust your life by adding in routines small steps lead to big changes.
Silje A.
I also began my faboulous adventure when I was at high school: the only thing that I couldn’t do was the exercise routine, but I tried to walk more before school. If I hadn’t breakfast I put it in a lunchbox and I took it with me. I always took a bottle of water with me and a notebook where I could write my daily goals in the breaks. Usually my goals were the study programme for the afternoon.